Higher level cap, New perks, And some suggestions


I have heard many times that it was possible that trs would increase the level cap from 40, which means they will also add new perks.

Now was this just rumoured? Because I’m really hoping this will be done soon. I’m tired of picking the same perks for pretty much every hunter\monster. More perks will make the game more fun and more diverse.

I’ve also Been thinking that it would be very cool to add in like a prestige mode for hunters and monsters. When you enter this mode with a monster or hunter all your ability mastery tiers will reset. And you would have to redo them. With new challenges. This will make the game more fun because now you have more to work towards.

Now the reward in completing the second prestige mastery tier can be a new skin for both hunters and monsters. They can even add in a third prestige mastery tier, and the reward for that is it will unlock a passive ability for that hunter or monster. Once again to add more diversity, and overall more fun to the game.


I think they will add new levels

The reason TRS had a 40 level cap is because it was related with the perks

Although I would love to have high / unlimited levels in Evolve … even prestige :innocent:

if TRS developers think it will benefit the players … they are all for it

I only pick capacity perk for sunny/Hank …for all patches . After 9.0 I will change the perk

The perk shouldn’t give a massive boost to the team

The changes made in 9.0 will make more diversify atmosphere between play style / combs …


Level cap increase? I’m all for.

Prestige? No way in heck would I ever want that anywhere near Evolve due to how useless it would be to gameplay in my eyes.


I agree with Shredder here. More levels? More perks? Absolutely.

Prestige though? Eh, not so much. I spent too long grinding out masteries to even want to attempt to do them again.

This especially doesn’t sit right with me. Giving a bonus to people simply because they put more hours in? Nu-uh. TRS seems like they’re aiming for the opposite. They don’t want to punish lower tiers. A ‘gen-1’ Hunter team going against a ‘gen-3’ Monster? Don’t see that ending well. If they weren’t already at a huge disadvantage here, adding some sort of a boost to the ‘gen-3’ Monster, would tip the scales even moreso in his direction.


There was mention of new or different perks being added in 9.0 in the BerB thread which suggests more levels but it isn’t guaranteed.
I would not want prestige but more level would be fine. The root is more perks though.


Well how would you feel about unlocking newer versions of elite skins for every new prestige mastery tiers you complete.

And the overall reason for the idea of prestiging is that it just adds more content. More fun, I feel a lot of people like to grind for stuff in games. So why not add this option for you can redo masteries with new challenges. And earn new skins for completing.


Keep prestige right the Hell away from this game. Getting some of those masteries is an untold level of tedium, and frustration-inducing boredom I’ve ever had to put up that I have absolutely no desire to go through again.


But its an option, if you don’t want to prestige and redo the masteries, you don’t have to.


And therein lies the problem, the idea locking things behind such a mechanic and then proceeding to call it “optional”.


I’m going through all of them and I could not have said it better, still going for the Caira one (she’s the most annoying one)


Although what would be interesting is perhaps badges exclusive to what level you are, so higher levels shows how much more you have played the game and also shows a badge for it


well look at garden warfare 2’s prestiges it could work like that maybe maybe they could just add another xp bar that takes 40 levels of leveling up and give you a different color on your text in lobby screen and a skin
so the number stays 40 but changes color


What about a technically infinite amount of levels like they’re doing in BO3?


This^ even if you get nothing for it, you feel like you are making progress. Also you can seperate lvl 41’s from 235’s


That wouldn’t bother me. Level changes I’m all for if it increases rewards and stuff but prestiging? Heck no.