High ranked Behemoth player answering questions/giving advice


Hey all! My name is Geef and I’m a high ranked behemoth player currently sitting at #15 Worldwide and #1 for my region (Australia).
If you’re part of the PC/Australian community you MAY have seen me around (the player base being what it is) normally in the role of trapper (griffin <3 harpoons). I’ve been playing a lot of behemoth recently and found him to be amazingly rewarding as well as having a great deal of success with him. I always get asked about my choice of perk/skill set/general mindset when playing Behemoth and I figured that since I’ve just gotten shiny new internet capable of streaming that I would do just that! Also further educating this community to become more knowledgeable on certain monsters/aspects of monstering I find to be a privilege.

I’m currently sitting with a solid 6+ WLR and a death count of 20 out of 150+ wins. I am by no means the ‘be all and end all’ of behemoth players but I like to think it’s a role i’m good at and my WLR should hopefully reflect this (and yes, i’ve been playing him since release). Also to those wondering, yes I play five man teams as well as public matches and find I perform just as well in the ‘five-stack’ setting, if a whole lot more pressured :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted a similar thread on reddit along with a link to some gameplay footage of pub matches (just to give general tips/gameplay footage) along with some commentary. I stream on my days off (when I can find games) and I hope to get you all to fall in love with the giant ‘Ferrero Rocher’ (Elite skin joke).

So! If anyone has any questions at all regarding the Behemoth whether it be skills, perks, hunter comp matchups, map matchup’s/Vs hunter comps etc (basically anything Behemoth related) I would consider it an honor to answer. Thanks all!

P.S: Furthermore for those wanting to see me stream my channel can be found at: http://www.twitch.tv/AkayHD
P.P.S: For those wanting to see the 30mins+ of gameplay/commentary (with more to come), it can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccqqNTc3iV4&feature=youtu.be&t=1s

<3 Geef

Behemoth Tips & Tricks - Video Inside. Hooray!
Starting Fresh... ( Need Opinions )

How do you deal with Griffins harpoons?

I faced a pretty competent team and got rekt pretty bad…


When entering stage two what is a better build using lava/grab/fissure/wall to get strikes?

I have been going 2/1/1/2 but against some teams and situations the build doesn’t feel like it’s enough to get strikes. I end up finding myself just taking unnecessary damage and giving the hunters to much knowledge on how I have build my behemoth.


What are just your general recommendations for being hard to find as Behemoth? I would think that due to his size and tendency to stand will when executing abilities that he is easy to hit, so I want to postpone a fight as long as possible.

When I do get caught, what should I do?


woohoo monster streamer :smiley: Looking forward to matches. Following thread as well. :v:


O hai dere Geef.

How do you deal with Torvald? :smiley: Behemoth has slower base movement and the roll doesn’t have the burst to escape an explosion.


Activating Archive Magic …yep thought so. All his losses are to torvald!

j/k - I hadn’t thought of this though. Slightly worrisome >.<


What’s better at starting build, 2 points fissure/lava bomb and 1 point rock wall or 2 points fissure/lava bomb and 1 point tongue grab?


how do you use rock wall effectively to damage i haven’t even passed star 1 because of it


Honestly I feel like I play Behemoth good, but there’s a single combo I’ve never beaten with him, and it’s Sunny, Caira, Griffin. Literally, if it’s only Sunny I don’t care, the shield drone isn’t the problem, it’s her letting Griffin harpoon me all day. I can evade Griffin, and even when Caira and Hank are together, they don’t compare to this combo. I can mob from one end of the map to the other, fast with my favorite Behemoth perk, movement speed. And they are just ON me. It’s crazy. Advice?


Rock wall my man, Rock wall! It’s your best defense against a griffin being all over you. Block his line of sight, then run like the clappers. Also, when you’re throwing down the wall to block him DO NOT snap the cable with an auto attack and then rock wall. With the delay on rock wall + distance it’s travelling the griffin CAN sometimes get a harpoon into you before the wall comes up. Sure it will THEN snap due to an object being between you and him, but there will be a delay which is precious seconds you could be using to run.

However if you put the wall between himself and yourself it should snap the moment the wall appears allowing you to roll like your life depends on it (and chances are it does).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


It really is all personal preference. However I find the best way to deal with it - is to not take lava bomb. Not even kidding, go watch some of my games and you’ll not see me put a single point in it. Ever.

Behemoth is ALL about ‘control’, and although lava bomb is fantastic area denial, it’s area denial that doesn’t force the hunters to come to you. It keeps them off ledges, forces them to not stand in certain places, but at the end of the day it’s not ‘aggressive’ per say, it’s passive aggressive? Sure you can charge it up and lob it at their face which will certainly burn some jetpack (at close range), but at that range you should probably just auto attack as you’ll no doubt do more damage with the 2-3 auto’s you could land in the lava bomb cast/travel time.

At stage two I take two points into rock wall and one in fissure. My stage one being two tongue grab and one fissure. Then when a stage two fight erupts my entire kit is about bringing them to me. Not forcing them to not stand on that high ground. That’s what tongue grab is for :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a hunter annoying the hell out of you? Grab them, rock wall them off, sneak attack/fissure. I’m sorry that my answer to your question is simply “don’t take lava bomb” but give it a try, see how you go? Let me know the result :smile:


That’s a good question and one that really depends on where you get caught as well as whom you’re fighting. For e.g, if you’re in a cave or area with a roof over your head your options vary between A. Attempt to get the trapper/medic/some strikes or B. Rock wall them off and play the ‘you can’t come past this point without being cut off from your allies’ game. I find this is a suitable deterrence once you’ve done it once or twice. They tend to get the picture you’re not to be fucked with.

If you’re in a flat open area with limited cover your best bet is to either rock wall off and hide behind what you can, forcing the team to re position as the assault follows you around. Or if possible the moment the dome drops try murder the trapper with a tongue/wall/sneak combo. Again, it really depends on where you get trapped! Sorry my answer isn’t as clear cut as you may like.


Hey mate!

Torvald? I cry in a corner and wish I was on a beach far far away from him. In reality though I find the best way to deal with his particular brand of bullshit is to smack his face around until he uses his personal shield. Assault are always aggressive (as they should be, their name implies it) however I’ve found many get an ‘invulnerability complex’ and this remains even when their shield is down.

By this I mean, even once torvalds shield is down? he’ll still be at a close enough range to make sure his mortars reliability hit you. Once it’s dropped, grab him with your tongue, wall his allies off and beat the ginger viking into submission. However if he’s on the ball and wont let it happen? that’s fine, roll up on his doorstep, heavy attack him backwards, throw a rock wall to block off any beams of healing/shielding. . . then kill him.

If neither of those options work I play the ‘hide behind my wall of rocks’ game. Torvald is always a pain, but manageable when you know how to deal with him.


I find great success with two tongue/one fissure at stage one, however if I had to choose between the two options you’ve listed i’d take two fissure/one tongue grab. Tongue grab is fantastic at killing monsters/minions and even better at snatching hunters that get too close. Fissure is. . . just amazing.


I don’t! haha. It’s a great skill but using it for damage can be tricky. As for the stage one star though I used it on wildlife. Worked like a charm :smile:


thanks i just hate that move so much it seems utterly pointless until stage three


Wall off the griffin! That would be my first stop. My reason for taking two points in tongue grab at stage one is not only to snack meals under cover when they would normally not be. It’s also (and mainly) used to deter the jet boosting trapper trick that sunny does so well. You know the drill, sunny boosts the trapper a billion years forward and all of a sudden you’re domed whilst they avoid you until back up arrives? Well not with tongue grab they don’t. You see the trapper even NEAR you from being boosted. Snag that jerk out of the sky and murder his face with your fists of sneaking fury.

Basically - I take it to punish the boosting. Works like a charm. If you’re without rock wall tongue grabbing the griffin and murdering him is your best strategy. However should you have the joys of rock wall, I find the best bet is to cut griffin either A. Off from you along with the rest of the team with a crude diagram being…

You<------------Rockwall-------------->Hunters. Or if he sneaks by.
You<------------Griffin------Rockwall----------->Hunters. This option will cut sunnies boost beam and allow you to either run (fuck harpoons) or turn around and murder the Mick Dundee wannabe.

TLDR: Your best bet is a good offence/rockwall. Make them fear you. Make them regret ever thinking you’re just a giant ball of rocks. Punish their hubris with molten vengeance!!


I haven’t tried two tongue/one fissure at stage 1 before, so I’ll have to give that a shot.

That being said, why not one tongue/two fissure? And what do you do when you are domed in stage one? (I noticed previous answers mentioned a lot of Rock Wall, which makes me curious because you don’t take it at stage one.)


More answers when I return home from work! Apologies for the late responses all. I’ll keep em coming.