High Quality Action Figures/Statues of Evolve


So I work in retail at the moment and the place I work sells some of the coolest things ever, I’m sure everyone on the forums would nerd out over some of the stuff. Some of the coolest things we get are from http://www.hottoys.com.hk/ and http://www.sideshowtoy.com/. I would like to see high quality figures/statues, of Evolve, made by these people or similar people.

In my personal experience of looking at some of these things is that hottoys does the best action figures and sideshow does the best statues.

TL;DR Give us high quality action figures and statues

FYI don’t drag your feet about it getting these the things set up it takes like a year of preparation for some of them. The Deathwing one from wow was shown at blizzcon 2013 and it still isn’t out http://www.sideshowtoy.com/whats-new/deathwing-statue-preview/.

Has 2k and TRS license out Evolve for Toys?

i’d buy that for a dollar!


Some Evolve toys would be sick! :smiley:



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I agree with the HQ of both Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys since I have many pieces of their offerings. IMO, 2K made a poor decision going with Triforce for their Goliath statues (Savage limited Ed incl’d) because they’re simply too overpriced even for a high quality collectible. They charge those prices because they’re a small outfit and collectors are willing to pay the ridiculous ask for them. I guess they got their foot in the door when they were commissioned to produce the 1:1 replicas of Griffin’s Harpoon, Lazarus’ glove, & Markov’s Lightning Rifle which have all been shown in the the various Evolve live streams with @DB_Sinclair. Due to the fact that the license belongs to Triforce for the time being, we won’t be seeing anything from SSC. However, there’s hope for Hot Toys since they could probably secure the 1/6th scale figures. Their Titanfall offering was amazing!

I’m looking forward to the Funko Legendary Evolve figures, but I wish that Neca would have secured the license due to their attention to meticulous detail as well as their long storied involvement with video game licenses. However, the Funko figures look promising if the pics we’ve seen of them will be indicative of what the final product will be.


From what I been seeing, Legacy Goliath looks really sweet. We have that for now, I hope they do kraken and tier 2 soon.

Doubt Hottoys will be keen to pick up on evolve IP. Lovely are our design, shit everything in evolve is amazing but they focus on IPs with blockbuster potentials. IMHO HT is too busy making that Disney ( Marvel and Lucas Art) money with Iron man variants and new star war stuff to try something new.

They also stick to a strict 1:4 scale. That’s why they haven’t gone for pacific rim even when mecca is making massive $$$$ from a monopoly on that brand. A hot toy Goliath will be so fuckheug…I have no idea where I put mine.

Japanese manufacturers may work. Bandai is looking to expand to western IPs and they have a brand focus on making awesome monsters. The drop is they more focus on local then international sales.