High level Trapping


So after leaving Evolve for about a month, I started playing with a couple of my friends again (demonhunter, soccom-sku, arrowking, etc.) . For whatever reason I have always played a lot of trapper, and I have shied away from ranked (though my friends really like to play it (or at least they just want to play hunter and not be monster like you can in quickplay ). So, as a result of a bunch of silver destroyers and gold hunters coming back to play ranked after a month absence I find myself remembering why I (as a trapper) don’t like ranked. I personally feel like in higher level play there are not enough benefits to running any trapper besides maggie. I personally love and main griffin, I don’t think i am actually good at him i just love playing him. Because of this i find myself constantly in a situation where I want to be effective in the match but not be forced to go maggie. Is the only way for me to be able to do griffin in high level play to spend another 80 hours relearning his nuances just so I can be as effective as maggie? Or should i just resign myself to what my own experience has said in that i should just run maggie for the betterment of higher end ranked play. (This is on Ps4)


I think it has to do with how maggies tracking compares to everyone else. It’s just super easy to use and is effortless.


Well i find its really important to know where the monster is early on before stage 2, because really good monsters tend to be able to easily get strikes at stage 2 if you’re not ontop of your game. Maggie will always get you going in the right direction, where as nearly every other trapper you much likelier to find at stage 2 or just before stage 2 evolve. And then when it comes to battles I feel like placing three harpoon traps at key locations is much easier and more effective than constantly positioning with griffin to get one or two good harpoons. With a good ryhtmn even with the arm time maggie feels a lot more effective in combat than griffin with his single harpoon and current reload time.

 Coming from a maggie player, maggie is probably better in combat(more defensive for sure). But griffin is more aggressive with harpoons on the chase.
 Its all about team composition. For example sunny and maggie can be good, but sunny boosting griffrn on the chase is deadly. 
 As far as in combat griffin's smg does a bit more damage, plus you have more time to do damage as you cycle poons n smg. Often times in domes as maggie I find its more viable to always be placing poons rather then trying to do damage, unless the monster is purely evading. 
People always say follow daisy, then know when to break off, problem is a good monster knows that timing too, easier said then done. Dont get me wrong, the initial tracking is great and her pointing features are nice. But well placed sound spikes giving exact locations will give you the edge during the s2-s3 part of game.
 All that being said, griffin seems like he would be way better on PC. Ill be the first to admit, millions have better aim then me with a XBone controller, but man do I miss some close poons at the worst times, and my aims not terrible I just dont think even the best counsole griien player could compare to that of PC. All  opinions though, :)grin: thought i'd contribute


Crow is probably the best trapper. If you can’t play him well, then I don’t know if I can help you. Just spam gobi and win games.


Nah, this is not true ^^
Currently very popular is Griffin (with Val and Sunny). Once you find the monster you just never let him get away.
Crow is also really strong, more on pc than on console tho, but still a very good pick. Gobi quickly finds and keeps track of the monster and Crow can do a lot of damage in domes.
Jack is still the best all-round trapper imo if you know how to play him. The initial tracking might not be the best, but damage is great and the repulsor can stop most of the monsters both in a dome and on the chase.
And depending on the monster’s level, a constant tracking dart from Abe can drive him crazy ^^

Maggie is just… well… basic. Not particularly good at anything, but also not bad at anything.

If you say you main trapper and play in a premade, then you really shouldn’t need to rely on Daisy to find the monster. And then the other trappers have more damage, better cc or even better tracking on the chase. They are just not as easy as Maggie.


For me its amazing how ofter Griffin is chosen at high level PC play. Good monster evolves S2 in 2-3 minutes. His sound spikes are not effective at that time period.

Kraken S2 is already huge problem in right hands


I think it depends who you’re facing. Griffin is well placed against Kraken since the harpoon pulls Kraken to ground actively now.

Crow has always been a popular pick too but that’s from my perspective of PC and it may simply not be as viable on PS4 if monsters are able to keep avoiding the charged stasis shots.

Maggie is safe, and played well is definitely the best all-rounder IMO, but I feel that Griffin and Crow are right up there, and Abe hasn’t really got any worse than he was when he was top Trapper pick either.



Crow is a very good trapper when it comes to abusing chokepoints. Griffin can cut a map in half, and easily secure a consecutive dome with a Sunny.
Abe is… good once you find the monster, also good with chokepoints but not as much as Crow.
Jack is… not for beginners. He relies on team tracking, broken trees, meats, and spotters. Once that is done he is the best trapper.


If a monster evolves in 2-3 minutes or less, than he’ll leave footprints, make noises and get birds while eating. That’s why you don’t need Maggie at that time period either.
You usually got birds as soon as you drop from the dropshop. If the monster is sneaking, you can quickly check the usual feeding routes, check caves or check wildlife spawns in the other direction.

Maggie isn’t used much in high level play because monsters pretty much gave up sneaking and just sprint right from the start anyway. And on the chase, all other trappers (except Jack), can reliably keep track of the monster without LoS. Daisy on the other hand falls back quickly, howls in the wrong direction or generally slows you down when you have to wait for her to climb up a cliff, just to jump down again in the next second.

I don't want to make it sound like I dislike Maggie. She's great. It's just that she also has her disadvantages, while others have their advantages where you might not expect it.


Landing charged shots aren’t a problem on PS4. They are to new players because understanding travel time and the ability to “curve” the shot is rather difficult, but once you understand this they aren’t hard to land.


The main problem is charged headshots with KLR. Landing headshots takes so much practice its ridiculous.


Jack relies a lot on his team during the chase. Its kinda annoying how dependent je is on your help to trap :confused:


Play all the trappers, you will get better overall and find which one suits you best


Maggie got buffed in that her biggest weakness was doming the monster. With 1 second domes she received the biggest buff out of all the trappers and didn’t receive any negatives. As such she became one of the better ones simply because having a 5th rezzer and 3 hard ccs is really effective in a dome. Diasy used for tracking is a complete non issue tbh.


Yeah, 100 percent agree! Maggie didnt have anything to use to stop it to dome back then, amd now that she has 1 second domes it makes her SO easy. I’m actually glad someone pointed this out.


The problem is maps like Aviary/Armory in which using feeding speed (even without it) monster can get to S2 in 2mins. Yes you can dome him, but so what. Monster will mitigate and that is it.

Monster should not ever (never ever ever ever) be allowed so fast stage up that hunters cant do anything. That is just flawed game design at its best


I only play Maggie. I dont need anything else that general direction of the monster, then my teammates will drive the monster to choke point and domed.

All trappers are pretty good and well balanced, I just find the importance of Stage 1 doming above all else (with quality dome). That is what Maggie excels and all other trappers lack. Crow is next best thing.

Griffin/Jack are pretty sucky at that and Jack is useless versus Kraken. Yes, Kraken is the only monster that I get to play ranked versus. Occasionally there might be Goliath, usually then it is pro level monster or very close to one.


So, I spent more time playing griffin (without sunny), helped some bronze players work into the silver as griffin trapper. I spent 10 or so hours trying to get better at Crow. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to be enthusiastic practicing crow because i don’t enjoy the play style. I think I will keep grinding griffin until I can get good enough with him to make up for my more efficient Maggie play. Part of it will probably just playing tons of hunt and getting good at looking for traces of monsters and feeding spots.


If crow isn’t your style then that’s cool. With Griffin you need to be a little less worried about catching the monster early, set your first spike up in a great position and then check for signs of eating or destruction.

Stay central though, and direct your team mates to look for signs too. The key is to be close enough that when the monster evolves you can use that pin point accurate sound spike marker to secure a dome. Your team mates should be happy to head 50I in different directions to grab a sighting of some tracks out listen out for wildlife. Griffin is a trapper that works much better when the team are doing the tracking as much, if not more, than he is.

Also, if you have no sign of the monster at all, just head towards where the cdr or damage buff usually are. you have a better chance of meeting the monster that way.

But basically if you are sensible with sound spikes you should be on the monsters tail from that point onwards even without sunny!