High Level Team Frustration (Dev input Please!)


As part of a high level team, one that has participated and acheived 1st-3rd place in nearly every tournment we play in, it can be frustrating for us to see these kinds of patches. We are friends with other top teams, we play other games like Smite, Neverwinter, and so on, and we feel like we are a under represented set of players. I, and my team, just want to help this game be a competitive game is all!

For example, even after that 20% buff, val is stil not viable in high level play. After every patch we read every word of it, and see if we can change our compisition at all. We were so stoked for the new hunters, we look to change up the meta at every chance we get, but we ended up just picking up sunny, and changing nothing else (Sunny is God-Tier hunter btw).

So to summarize, we are asking to be part of the balancing process if that is at all possible. Looking forward to hearing back.

Your Biggest Fan, API Nemesis


past stage 2 at full armor she falls off in battle power. stage 3 is really hard to win with. but stage 1 and 2 never letting the monster go she is the best at that.

the way i see it, you play caira or slim game one. then if you found the monster stage 1 fast, you make a bet you can do it again on the next map/match by choosing val + abe/crow/griffin and never let him stage up ever again.

basically its a pocket pick after you get a feel of how your team matches up with the monster player


Totally agree with the OP. Val is still terribly weak and easy to take down. She can hardly heal herself and even against a Stage 1 monster she can’t heal at the same rate monster’s (especially Kraken) can attack. Even with damage reduction I still find myself getting incapped by a monster focusing down on me even tho Val is healing me with the medgun. @MacMan and any other dev’s either buff Val so she isn’t utterly useless or just remove her from the game already. Speaking of removing useless characters, how about Parnell…Since Torvalds release I see literally ZERO reason to have him in a hunter lineup.


While I understand your frustration, the devs are working hard to help all players and not just one particular group. We got a lot of hunter tweaks to make them more viable if just at the average/casual level, but with the current micro-patch you start seeing conversations about the meta and what they’re doing to help curb some high-level problems. So, I guess in the end I think what you want is actually coming; it just took a while.


even tho parnell still does the most damage. k.


More adjustments to characters coming in the next micro patch.


sorry i didnt no you were lazy as shyt

type in 4209 if it doesnt take you right to the post.

maybe you should not post anything until you read the facts.


So, Val is weak? Obviously you’ve never seen me fight @michigan_ball and @Plaff when they are on monster. I tend to REALLY piss them off with my tranq darts. Glad that the darts last 10 seconds instead of just 6. Makes those awesome shots count for more. I may also be the only person who liked the old medgun better. I feel like it drains way too fast for my liking, especially when trying to save incapped hunters. Before I could just leave the beam on nearly indefinitely to try to keep them alive, now, I can’t heal them up if the monster so much as swipes at them more than once or twice without having to wait for the reload


Telemetry and Game Balance This is including Super Soilder. So sacrificing your life to do maybe 1000 more damage than Torvald does without any buffs/perks is worth it? MMMK if you say so. What’s your leaderboard ranking? I’m in top 15 and entered in and watched plenty of tourney’s and guess which Assault no one in tourney play uses, Parnell. You can keep on playing Parnell and losing matches. Remove the Super Soldier from those stats and he’s the weakest assault.


torvald has not been in tourneys yet so your talking out your ass there.

i won both tourneys i entered and never lost as the monster either.

markovs zoning and save potential was too high thats why he got nerfed. that was all that was picked. hyde is still useless vs kraken which is flavor of the month. torvald is useless vs kraken. parnells shotty has good range and damage so its either markov’s assault rifle plus LG or parnell.

you are not doing it right if your parnell “loses hp” the medic heals the instant he pops it. its called communication.

he throws weakpoints. thats a buff that increases damage just like parnell.


2 of the 4 trappers have stasis which does the same thing as Val. Val does the least damage, and requires LOS to heal. Caira can heal the entire hunter squad thru a wall if need be and can damage the monster if she get’s focused down.


Please, find the quote where I said I played Torvald in a tourney. Go on, I’ll wait. The facts stand as they are, you remove Super Soldier from that graph and Parnell isn’t the strongest Assault (he is BARELY doing more damage than Torvald with it). There’s a reason Parnell get’s picked 10% of the time vs the other assault characters and it isn’t just because he’s the most terribly voice acted character in the game.


you said parnell is useless and should be removed. you keep comparing him to torvald who hasnt seen tourney play so how can you compare that.

in fact markov is the lowest damage dealer of the assaults and he is in every comp right now still even after nerfs.

parnell isnt useless. if you want offense you choose parnell. torvald is good i wont say hes shyt. but hes not godlike and making parnell useless. no one else can get 9k in one dome. sunny is perfect synergy for hyde and parnell btw.

i predict that might be used in tourney play. if they arent doing cabot torvald


The problem I see with Val is that while she has all the offensive power she’ll ever need, she lacks in defensive the most. The monster goes on a counter-attack, she doesn’t last long in a direct fight. Yes, I agree, it lays waste to the Monster as well, but she’s so key that after her death the direct engagement may end and the Monster can choose to fight elsewhere, with an advantage the value of one medic. As Cow said, she’s god when you’re attacking, but defending is what you expect from a Medic to be good at the most. And that’s why she fails so hard. Very little players can play that way, even less efficiently.


Torvald does everything that Parnell does without having to sacrifice HP. They both have a shotgun as primary so that is a wash. Torvald’s 4 or 6 shot (if you’ve got capacity perk on)secondary weapon does a helluva lot more damage than Parnell’s single shot rocket launcher. You mentioned Torvald’s weakspots = Parnell’s Super Soldier, sorry but I 100% disagree. Parnell’s Super Soldier only affects him (both positive and negative) whereas Torvald’s weakspots give him extra damage (with shotgun) AND they allow the other hunters to deal more damage with absolutely no downside to using it. Maybe I’m just being too logical about this but any way I cut it, Parnell has been replaced.


I’m expecting to see a lot of torvald+sunny for rain of destruction, double shielding, and boosts.

Traversal is highest now since wraith was nerfed, so I think we’ll see more Maggi or Griffin. The two of them REALLY drain traversal on Behemoth.

Caira is confirmed to be able to overheal vs. stage1 monsters. So… I suspect we’ll see a lot of caira with capacity or reload.

Val… it one of the most annoying hunters to deal with. Her tranq combined with any trapper can really drag out a fight. and if you put in hank or sunny…you practically have two healers.


if you have an identical comp with both.

caira + sunny + Griffin

one caira shot equals parnell full hp supersoldier. there is no hp trade off that you speak of when u yell “going SS” and your medic automatically knows cuz its been practiced over and over again.

bottom line, markov and hyde perform better when focused. torvald and parnell do not. they want to be on the monsters side always firing but never being hit.

im a monster main. and once i learned torvald doesnt like a monster in his face i never lossed to tier 4 again. hes worse than parnell if you stand on top of him and fire at the others instead of eating mortors.

I also dont think torvalds shotty compares to parnells. u click fire once and hope it all lands. parnell u can aim and land more headshots and not waste time reloading. it also has more bullets + more damage.

I must find this but im pretty sure torvalds mortors are considered his primary and his shotty is secondary. even tho it is listed as the top slot when u switch items.


I will play him just for you later today!

I won’t lose when I play with you! LOL!

Actually, I agree, but there is one dropship convo that I hear a little static when he talks only. I will have to find it and record it.

Tis a sad day :frowning:


I have never seen you play Val. But then again I never see any of the other medics either because Caira does everything the best. She is a medic. Not cliche in any form or way. Even Slims dps got nerfed so there is no reason to pick a bug that fires flies at the monster at all.

The medic meta is horrible currently and I have been preaching it in the forums for a while now.

Caira heals the most.

Caira compromises the least.

Caira gives survivability.

She doesnt need damage in the slightest to make her the best of the current medic lineup.

She outheals stage 2 monsters and picks up hunters extremly quickly with nades.

She is the only medic worth picking.
Slims damage is not anywhere good enough to justify picking him.
Val falls flat on her butt when the monster decides to turn around and shove whatever big object down her or her
teammates throats.
Lazarus is extreme high risk when you could just pick Caira and never get people downed to begin with.

There are problems here and simply nerfing Cairas Acc Field has done absolutely 0 to adjust the current meta in that regard.


My beef with Parnell is his rocket launcher. I hate how underpowered it feels when using it. I’d almost rather try hitting long range shots on the shot gun than spend the time switching to his rockets.