High Level Play - What's Harder, Monster or Hunter?

I got into a small discussion about this on Twitch, but had to go before I could really talk about it thoroughly, so I thought I’d bring it here. What’s harder to play - competitive hunter, or competitive monster?

I play Goliath for a PS4 Evolve team, and I’m pretty proud of my record. And having done so, I can definitely say I believe Hunter is way, way more difficult.

Monster is stressful, sure - you’re half the team’s success. But a mistake on monster is usually a dome when you’re not ready, or a free bar of health. That sucks, but you can recover. Monsters die slowly. A mistake on hunter is a downed hunter, and a single down can snowball on its own into a win. I can recall one game specifically where a support failed to cloak in time, and I got a down from it, and that down is the reason I won the game. Hell, a Hank with one down can mean a lost game against a stage 3 monster - even if they’re the only one with a strike.

tl;dr skilled Monsters capitalize on and snowball off of Hunter mistakes far more easily and brutally than Hunters snowball off of Monster mistakes. Thoughts?

Hunter. Need I say more?

Have to say hunters.
I think that hunters are harder to play correctly, but have a higher potential when doing so.
Basically, a flawless monster can be a tough fight, but a flawless hunter team can be near impossible to defeat. One mistake can lead to their doom, though.


Monster is way more stressful to play. Hunter is hard to secure a win

I agree - a “flawless” monster against “flawless” hunters, the hunters would win.


but flawless hunter is alot easier like with a hank laz team JUST DONT BE STUPID you use all of your assets and common sense and your golden.

Hunters because they’re usually paying higher price for mistakes than a monster, and it don’t just depend on you, mistakes might be done by your team members. Then everyone have to play at 200% efficiency.

Hunters. They have to worry about coordination, and 1 mistake can literally cost the entire game. That mistake can be made by 1/4 of the players, and still shatter the team. Monster doesn’t take as much skill, because when you get skill capped, that’s it.
Hunters can get skill capped, and still fail if they can’t work together. But hunters are stronger than the monster most of the time, when played correctly.
That’s my opinion on the matter.


Hunters, because you are your own team as the monster. You only have to coordinate with yourself. The hunters have 3 other people they have to strategize with. I believe that a perfect hunter team, that talks with each other and coordinates down to which perks they choose to be beneficial, will always win against even the greatest monster. But, they have to talk. And they absolutely must know their role. They have to know when to rush the monster, who they need to stick with when the team splits up, when to run, and where they need to be fit the fight.

Im going to go against the grain and say Monster.

Yes 1 mistake can indeed, ruin the game- And theres 4 people to make a mistake (on the hunters end), instead of just 1.

But the thing is, that 1 monster, is trying to watch 4 players, often over a 100 meter area. They need to actually see who made the mistake when they made it, know how to capitalize on the mistake, IF theyre even in a position to capitalize on the mistake in the first place, act on the mistake, and hope that 3 of the other 4 players arent in a position to “make up” for the mistake that occurred. Ok, medic made a mistake and got out of position to do a heal burst that they shouldnt have- & Now the monster can capitalize on the medic- if Hank doesnt shield, or sunny doesnt jet beam away, or any support uses cloak, abd hope you dont get snagged on a harpoon trap, or dont get stopped by griffin, can get to them without the hindrance of stasis, and they dont retreat behind a markov mine field (where you better hope you have an ability to clear them), or… And this is all assuming the monster even saw the medic get out of position in the first place, and wasnt instead trying to reposition themself around a pillar to avoid damage from the assault, maybe trying to dodge some mortars coming in, wasnt trying to line up an ability on the trapper, wasnt trying to…

At high level play, it is imo easier to be 1 of 4 people working together watching 1 player, than it is to be 1 player watching 4 people working together. Juggling 4 people around who know how to work together to me, is harder than learning how to work with 3 other people to focus down 1 guy.


Monster. In high level play, as a hunter, your team is good. Communication is important but not difficult, it comes naturally.

Monster is just harder in every possible way, especially considering the current state of game balance.


1/2 responsibility versus 1/10 the responsibility to win.


But that’s stress, not difficulty.

Hunters are harder? A well coordinated team against good monsters always end up with more victories.

I read that in ESL tournaments, the hunters had more victories against monsters and a graph was available as well. I forgot where I saw this because it was a while ago, but hunters have it less stressful.


I don’t know about competitive play much but I think monster is Harder against good teams

I’ll say monster, you have to spend your health wisely, always have to focus. Well,might not be true cause I’m only play hunter :smiley: , and I’m always have great respect people who play monster especially Goliath.

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Hunter is harder to play at a high level…

Finally a guy with a brain! xD

ofc monster atm

Hunters are OP af. :cabot: :lazarus_2: :hyde: :griffin_2:

Hunter is harder.