High Level Hunters


Okay, so I have been going through the forums and seeing a decent amount of people saying they had played the game a lot. I would honestly like to see what levels everyone reached in the big alpha ,and if there is a known level cap.

I reached level 32 with Support as my main.


I reached around 26-28 with trapper as my main but I mostly played as all of them evenly. Except for Assasult and Medic. I don’t like snipers and I prefer the Support and Trapper over the Assault.


40 was (is) the level cap if I remember correctly.

I got to 21, going mostly Support/Med


Giving everyone favorites for post to spread some Evolve joy. :smile:


I was only able to reach lvl 20 (PS4) I mostly played as Trapper and Medic, but I really don’t mind using any of the hunters, I had fun with all of them. I briefly used Bucket and I really liked him.


Since i played on ps4, i was only able to reach level 19 with support/monster as my mains


I too played ps4 and got to level 26. I must ask, if any of you remember what was the most exp you got in a single match and with which class or character? My highest was around 40k with Bucket. Those damage awards at the end really racked up the exp (26,000 for one of them).


26 on ps4? Wow the monster must get noooooooooo exp lol i played pc 40 ish hours and mostly monster , only got 27 or something.


My highest was a 52,000 based off no help from team with a monster who constantly regenerated his armor. That gave me 4 levels in one game.


I made it to 30. Swapped between monster support alot.


In the released game it will most likely be harder with some classes than it was in the alpha.


Level 20, while also devoting large amounts of time to a fairly labor intensive school project


Got to 28 I think.

Is there a reason why Assault gained such a horribly low amount of points? They were by far the slowest class to play in terms of gaining levels.


37 or 38 here


I got to 33 playing as Griffin with 33 hours played. I wish I could have played on the two extended days, but I had to finish everything that I normally do on the weekends those days. Would have been able to hit 40 if I could have played just another 10 hours or so.


I reached 28/29, played mostly Support and Medic. The least I played was Monster probably just 6 matches (lost one)


32 as well


Only got to 22 here on xbox one…but only played the first 2 days. Unlocked all 2nd tier hunters and the Kraken.

So played all around.


I got to level 26 playing mostly just the monster and sometimes the trapper by friday. I couldnt stay in a game for more then 5 minutes on saturday and sunday same thing except i was able to complete a few and got to stay in for 8 minutes before crash.

i suspect i woulda been in the 30’s or higher considering the rate i was going before the crashes began.



I was able to start playing on saturday evening, and reached lvl 25 with monster in round about 25 hours of gametime.
-interesting enough i never reached the 3 starts skillratings because i was too annoyed to actually skill rock throw. I actually got to 2 stars after round about 20 hours when i had mercy with myself and skilled rock throw for one round.