High GPU usage when tabbed out of the game


Today I noticed something odd while I was chatting with some people: My GPU was at max clock speed with 100% usage.

Now, Evolve was running in the back so I wondered if I got put into a game again (apparently putting people into games without input after the end of a match is a good thing, but that’s for another topic).
Nope, The game was still in the main menu. I did notice my GPU usage dropping to 40%-60% and at a lower clock speed. Tabbing out of the game instantly increased the clockspeed and usage jumped to 100% again.

After closing evolve, my GPU dropped to idle speeds with the usual 1%-10% usage it has when on the desktop.

This means that Evolve is using all GPU it can when the game isn’t running in the foreground, I’d expect the game to use less GPU (nearly none at all, since it doesn’t need to render anything when minimized).