High chance i fought against a cheater but i m not sure


Ok ok so first off disclaimer: i do not claim that what i witnessed was planned or accidental, but i do suspect the player to have done what he did on purpose

Ok now that s out of the way, what exactly happened ? Well here i was in Hunt with Kraken on Barracks, i managed to ready my evolve meter but i hear the hunters gaining on me, luckily enough i managed to sneak in a bush that was dense enough to hide my Stage 1 Kraken

The hunters are pretty much around me but they don t notice me so they all go away, all but the Assault, he kept staying very close to me but not quite enough for him to notice me

3 minutes later i m still hidden because this goddamn Assault is still in my area, but since i was very well hidden in that bush they had no clue where i was but were very certain i was still in the area

and then, the Assault stopped moving for about 5 secs, and then he either purposefully or accidentally disconnects, and since you can t hide from bots i m being chased, and about 30 secs later he reconnects in the game

Luckily it didn t end in me losing but if it was on purpose it s not cool at all


Well, while that stinks I don’t believe it falls under cheating. Assault may have been chilling in the area because you make noise. If you were sniffing him out, he knew you were close, but even then sometimes the Kraken makes some weird gargling noises even when just sitting still. They are audible and can give away your location.

The take a break thing stinks but that is why it is only available in Quickplay and not HUNT 2.0


I doubt he did it on purpose.

If you mean you were playing ranked then yes - you can’t simply let the bot take over thus the only way to accomplish that would indeed be to quickly disconnect and then he was perhaps invited back by his friends.

However, this costs points. I doubt he did so.
Sounds more likely that you were perhaps smelling really loud so he knew you were nearby but was unable to find you.


Only in Evolve does this make any sense…:wink:


Doesn’t sound like cheating to me.


It sucks that this happens and it can be frustrating at times. I wouldn’t really say it’s cheating though. There’s not much that can be done about it, but as TomsMeatPlatter said it only happens in quickplay. Besides there’s no way of knowing if it was intentional or not. Who knows what was happening on his end? :slightly_smiling:



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Also to @thegamer118 I wouldn’t think that the Assault was cheating since I still run into a crash to dash with either myself or my pre-made at least once a day. It could have been bad luck!


Not necessarily, sometimes you just get a feel for if a monster is hiding in a certain area while on the chase. Usually this is a multitude of factors in being that they didn’t see you run off anywhere and heard some wildlife die there recently, or saw a bit of you through the bush foliage.

I’ve done this before, I’ve stopped while my team went ahead and told them to stop, started pinging bushes and boom little s1 goliath hiding in a bush.


but you didnt use bots, because bots see you no matter what, and the team i was fighting had no clue where i was still


Well, I could have used the bot to find the monster and see if I was right, but it’s a slightly dickish move to do.

Anyways, pinging bushes works marvelously too.

Also, all it takes is one, usually I was the only one to get the hunch and had to tell my team to stop, ping the monster, then they would realize the problem.


i m not denying that, just that you saying that using this or that is kinda irrelevant to what happen because what happened well happened


It could have been, or not. Just saying it could have been one thing, not necessarily a cheater.

If it was a cheater though and had wallhacks, he would have just gone for you immediately while his team was with him so I’m not inclined to beleive that it was hacking.


i know, i m sure he wasn t hacking i m pretty convinced the guy knew i was around but could see or find me so he used the bots


Yea, it’s a slightly dickish move to do that. Pinging bushes works too and is satisfying to see work ^-^


No it’s not

Even if you prove that … nothing will happen to him because the game is letting players use the AI

If he hacked the game . it’s something else . TRS/steam will ban him .


i completely agree


Well, it’s certainly the lazy way to do it, and doesn’t allow for as much strategy if you just ping the monster and let your teammates surround him, get a really good dome and annihalate him.


i m not interested in seeing the guy punished or anything but i m inclined to the devs understand it can be a strategy that can be used