High Caliber: an Evolve Stage 2 Guild


I play on Xbox. Can I play


This is for PC only, only because if I run a tourney I woudn’t be able to include console players since they don’t have the same version of the game.


But it would be very hard to deal consistent damage with Renegade Abe if you don’t use this.


It was an example, but I don’t think it’s possible in Evolve since the weapons reload by themself if the player hold a second weapon/tool.


I don’t mean the quick-swapping perk…it’s like flicking back and forth fast between your weapons to say, throw out Emet buoys twice as fast or doing such with Sunnys shield drone. Basically, intentionally using this glitch to do these things.


I have gotten a lot of good dialog from folks interested in this guild, but even though I expected some levels of controversy, I didn’t realize just how rigid some viewpoints were about these matters…or, I suppose, how much of a white knight I am about fair play.


I am going to close this thread because, while I personally find the ideas presented in here to be something I would follow, or other players may, there is not enough interest. My intention was to not hurt or frustrate other players in the game, but, the game being what it is…there are many situations that can impact frustrations for either side that even I didn’t cover here, and perhaps it just would be best to not try to force players to alter their game, and just follow my own set of rules personally. Some things are not all possible to control as well, and there are exploits on the maps themselves or among characters that can’t really be controlled. So, if you did use the HCG tag, you can remove it now, as I am closing this.