High Caliber: an Evolve Stage 2 Guild


This has been in the planning for a while (but please forgive me since I don’t yet have the official guild logo created), but I want to create a guild for both hunters and monsters alike for Evolve: Stage 2. The intention is to create a higher level of play among members and eliminate the “unfairness-feeling factor” in what otherwise should be gentlemanly games.

To become an official member of the guild, one needs only submit to the standard rules of play and include an after-tag (HCG) to attach to their gamer tag on Steam. (Example: SledgePainter [HCG].) If you are already a member of a team, you can of course keep the team tag ahead of your name as well. This will serve to immediately identify players, as this is an open-invitation guild.

MONSTROSITY RULES (Monster Players):

  • No use of any of the 3 tiers of Leech perks.
  • No pounce-finishing the last hunter.

PLANET TAMER RULES (Hunter Players):

  • No use of any of the 3 tiers of Beyond the Grave perks.
  • No usage of “god domes” when they occur.

GENERAL RULES/INFO. for Hunt and/or Custom matches:
(In Hunt Beta it is understood that matches sadly cannot be restarted)

  • If you wear the HCG tag, you are expected to follow the rules at all times for all of your games, regardless if you are facing other guild members or not.
  • If a monster gets “stuck” in a dome and unable to fight (example: a monster evolves next to a wall and then becomes too large to escape the spot they are in due to dome wall), the dome must be taken down.
  • If the monster is unable to use abilities (sometimes due to evolving glitch), the match will be restarted.
  • If any player is unable to fight due to a glitch (like a character becomes frozen), the match will be restarted.
  • If any player requests a match restart, it is considered on both sides, usually permitted
  • No tea-bagging (exception between friends or within the same organized team), gloating, show-boating, sore winners or sore losers, no shaming, no blaming.
  • No purposeful disconnecting.
  • When a disconnect occurs, players will wait in place for the player to reconnect, if able.
  • No use of Macros
  • No use of aim assists
  • No cheating of any kind
  • No abusing glitches (examples: fast melee, Kala portals at out-side of map boundaries, quick-swapping to reload faster, glitching into the environment to not take damage etc. Acceptable glitch use example: the sliding rock-throw/ability from a cliff, as it happens accidentally in games).

Basically, guild members will want fair games, fair matches, fair play, and good sportsmanship from the start of the match until the end. Nobody wants to feel like they were robbed of a victory due to certain abuses or glitches. There is a lot of this that falls within the honor system but if you are interested in becoming a High Caliber member, you are probably already doing most of these things naturally anyway. The lists above are subject to change, however the main idea is high class play throughout.

What is a God Dome?

  • A “god-dome” is an instance wherein hunters can squeeze through a small gap between the environment and the dome wall but the monster cannot. In such instances the hunters can typically deal damage to the monster while the monster cannot necessarily do the same back. Hunters abuse this to get healing and avoid damage before re-entering the fight. It’s very situational and an accidental in occurrence. When it does occur, hunters are expected to fight AWAY from the area, and monsters likewise should avoid that area of the dome so as not to encourage non-intentional using of the area.

Why Are God-Domes Not Permitted?

  • They encourage frustration to the monster player. Also, it is my belief that the game developers altered the dome throw to center above the monster because of monsters getting “stuck” in domes and also to avoid instances of god-domes.

Why Is Pounce-Finishing Not Permitted?

  • They encourage frustration to the hunter players. While pouncing is a legitimate strategy in-game to get more damage, using it at the end of a match on the last hunter prevents them a feeling of honest defeat.

Why Are Leech Perks Not Permitted?

  • They encourage frustration to the hunter players. These perks did not have a chance to get balanced by the development team.

Why Are Beyond the Grave Perks Not Permitted?

  • They encourage frustration to the monster player. These perks did not have a chance to get balanced by the development team.

Why Have a Guild?

  • It helps people find other like-minded players.
  • I want to eventually get enough members to have a tournament for guild-only members, with in-guild prizes.
  • This helps players distinguish who is willing to follow the aforementioned codes of conduct.
  • I want to encourage a higher standard of play among Evolve players.


And what if we do not have a guild? How do the guilds work? How do I join/create one? What’s “Macros”? Is this like a Battlefy tournament?
There’s plenty of other questions like this.


It needs more cowbell.




This is not a tournament, but a group of players who agree to follow the same ruleset by honor handshake. You do not have to join for any other particular reason than you like the terms above, but I do intend that if there are enough guiders that I would host a tournament just for those players only. I understand that a lot of Evolve players do not agree to the above rules and that is ok. I know a lot of it is controversial.

Macros are the use of how would you put this…programming buttons on your mouse or keyboard to auto-perform a set of actions. For example…if you were playing a fighting game and you programmed a single button to perform a 3-move combo of what otherwise would take multiple button presses to accomplish.


Sounds ok, I can follow those rules.
I have some ideas in mind now, but I’m not 100% sure if I’d do them.


@SledgePainter This is only for Stage 2?


Yes, let me add that to the description, thanks.


Joined, I respect those rules everytime anyway. You can now find me as [HCG] Hellrider on Steam


I think if the last surviving hunter is Paladin Parnell then pouncing is fair game. Cause his self-sustain is just ridiculous.


I have another question. What if for example we are hunters and the monster use leech perks?
What if as a Monster, the hunters abuse of the god-domes?

What would you do if you end up in one of those situations?


Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you encounter a random monster using leech, it does not mean it’s ok to then use a god-dome.

You already know what I do in god-dome situations. I keep clear of that area.

@ScornfulEpex : I was Behemoth once and I could not down a Paladin…the dropship was going to be coming so I roll-meleed instead. I supposed it was slightly better than pouncing. I get the feels…he is so hard to kill, but even so, pounce-finishing is not allowed.


I say that because I keep finding leech perk users recently, like one who had an unsafe steam profile.


Just in case, are you gonna use some kind of badge or logo to represent the HCG? Or you think it’s not necessary?


Use the default badge :smiley:


I am working on a logo for the guild but individuals do not have to change their avatars to it or anything. The logo design is mainly for the hopefully to-be tourney, so I can use the logo as a reward, carved into wooden medallions with a CnC router. If they want to join the guild they need only add [HCG] to their steam name, preferably at the end, just in case they already have a dedicated tourney team.

So, for instance…using Maddcow as an example…when he was on team Pushing Daisys in Pax East he would have been [PD] MaddcowQQ. So, if he was still in a team playing in tourneys, and wanted to join the guild, he would change it to [PD] MaddcowQQ [HCG]. If he doesn’t have a team though, he’d be MaddcowQQ [HCG].


Forever alone cow…


Well…I hear there is a tourney coming up next month…and I could sure use a monster on my team…


But I’m so peaceful and lovey, I’m not a monster :smiley:


really cool idea. <3