Hiding the entire game


I don’t usually play hunter unless my friends are on, and yesterday when I was playing Wraith, the entire lobby had left ( but the places were filled) And I was just wondering, in a hunters point of view, does it build the suspense or bore you when the monster hides an evolves without being seen?


It’s boring, the fun of the game for both sides is in engagements. While some monsters will find it fun to evade (and some monsters will find it necessary!) it’s not any fun for the hunters.

Edit: Also to clarify, because there is no engagement you have no idea as a hunter how fun the engagement will be. Is the monster staying away because it’s absolutely better than we are in every sense in which case we’ve been running around for 10-15 minutes and the game will end with a one-sided stomping, or are we going to have a tedious fight because the monster can only sneak and in the fight is going to keep dropping decoys or running away to re-armour every 5 minutes?


Builds suspense because it means 1 of us is most likely about to get our ass kicked…O and if u have Hank on the team and u hear an evolve u panic because u gotta use that ORBITAL x3 nothing feels better than a Hank orbital on the monster x3


As a monster if I can evolve without confrontation, I feel like I did a great job sneaking. Then I armor up and go to town on them. Though I usually try to engage at least once before evolving to two.

As a hunter, I feel like we messed up and missed an opportunity to drop some health damage.


I sneak and then go loud to see if they find me. If they don’t, the birds will alert them.
I like to control fights as Wraith.
I had 2 good games yesterday )trying out a new build) where I barely won with half a bar of health left.
I never knew how much I loved the Warp Blast, Supernova, and Decoy build. :heart_eyes:


I normally go for a Stage 1 wipe against pugs because it’s usually not hard and if I don’t wipe them all out because they ran I take advantage of the time they give me and go all the way to stage 3. My average match is 4-7 minutes.


It’s pretty boring to me.

I also main wraith when I play monster, and I end up finding that I do better and have more fun when I resort to hit-and-run tactics at stage 2. Without being tied to a relay or a massive size, the wraith becomes an agile killing machine. You just have to initiate the encounters, and be smart about where you do so.

Basically, deciding to not run and hide until you’re stage 3 is in everyone’s best interest.


I used to try to stealth all game but got beat down at the relay one time too many. Now I provoke S1 fights and go for the kill as a full armour S2. If someone gets away killing their team usually fills me up enough for S3.

I had missed somehow that these early engagements can ‘soften up’ hunter teams.


Its boring to the point that this stuff happens


Insanely boring and irritating, if someone is going to evolve without being seen they need to do it really quick because if someone spends most of the match wasting time by hiding in caves waiting to see the hunters JUST so they can avoid them i get insanely irritated, i see no reason in making a 5 to 10 minute match last almost max time, and its almost always a guy whos gonna talk shit after the match too so i dont particularly like the player either when they start doing that shit


It’s pretty boring but there can be a few good moments like when you finally catch them while they’re eating and catch em in a dome. Their combat skills are usually pretty bad so you can kinda watch them flop around the dome taking a ton of damage. If you do it in a good place where they can’t just dome dodge that is.


I try to evade as long as possible as Monster, but I’m not afraid to bear my teeth if the hunter do catch up to me.

As a Hunter I have never dealt with this because I usually find them and stay on them for a long time, getting as much pointless damage I can. I even try sniping with Hyde’s minigun.


Every Wraith I play does this. Run and Decoy spam ALL GAME LONG.


Boring as shit. It’s why I fucking hate playing against wraith. Most trappers still can’t catch her and then this shit happens.


As a hunter I take it as a challenge. Hunters should be able to locate the monster, is part of the hunt and as a matter of fact they have a lot of tools at their disposal to easily find the monster. Even if he never eats or scares birds and stays hidden from view.

So if a monster player can manage to stay undetected from the hunter for the entire game, congratulations, he’s good at playing monster. More so if then he manages to kill the hunters, but as the hunted he’s being effective at staying out of the sights of their guns.

Edit: I predict in this thread there will be monster players who think like this, and most if not all hunter players will hate it (see the Wraith debacle).


It completely bores me.

Let me introduce you to somebody you may not have already met:


This man is the physical embodiment of the ENTIRE Evolve communities hatred of Wraith. He can EASILY list you the essays upon essays of Wraiths grievances.

I saute this man’s dedication in the quest for the extinction of all Wraith kind


i usually try to evolve to stage 2 without letting the hunters catch wind of me.

Then, i hide and watch them approach my last known location, and ambush them at level 2. If i kill them, then i win. If anything else happens, i go armor up, and if that eating process leads to stage 3 availability, i get a bit of extra distance to evolve, then resume the fighting.

Don’t hide the whole time. It’s boring as hell.


I can generally do essays on anything, that’s how I roll. :sunglasses:


Depends on the situation.

When you never catch a glipse of the Monster, you will eventually get bored.

If you the Monster suddenly disappears, th only words I have on my mind are usually: “Oh fuck… please don’t be around this corner…”


But doesn’t it give time to build up the action? Like an unexpected skillful or bad player will be tried by fire?