Hiding- Spots In Evolve


Hey community,

please post your favourite hiding spots from Evolve here.
I’ll start with this one:

Sorry for quiet voice :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget to post you Gorgon- hiding- spots too here. :slight_smile:


I’ll show my bae<3 spots when I get on my PC later.


I still know of what I believe is a spot so obvious that no one has thought of it but me… and it works.

Hiding in plain sight… more or less.

######Need to emphasize how I’ve seen literally zero people use my spot or even talk about it. So devilishly secret…


There’s a brilliant one for Gorgon on Dam, I have no clips of it but I think GrizzleMarine showed it once in a video


I can make a clip of it. I know that spot :wink:

Give me a few minutes :wink:


Perfect! There’s also a good one on fusion plant for Bob, similar to what you did but with rock wall


In request by @BEAF,

here’s a very sneaky hiding- spot on Dam.

It was discovered the first time by @GrizzleMarine.


That’s the one:D


You could make a video of it :slight_smile:


The behemoth? That’s time I do not have right now, exams have just begun:(


Oh. ok. I wish you sucessful exams. They aren’t that difficult. Trust me. :wink:


2nd last pic, were you pointing at the spot? It looks like a good one.

As for the last, isn’t that a bug or glitch?


I’m making a new video now. Hopefully it works on PC.

It does. But I just can upload over night.


There is still a spot on refueling tower to this day where I can hide from every hunter including daisy’s tracking.


LOL really? I didn’t know. :smiley:


Just show me. :slight_smile: Post it here.


Take goliath and go south down the river as far as possible without touching land.

As long as you don’t leave tracks within ~200m of daisy she won’t find you.

Works on distillery too.


Haha, oh god Lemonade. I wonder if he knew you took pics of this :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not seeing exploits here…these are legit hiding spaces. I for one love the one on Fusion Plant on the crashed ship object in the trees. The issue with Daisy being where she was, if it was the video I recall of her being way WAY up high…that was a glitch.

We don’t endorse posting exploits of any kind. Glitches are not exploits. I AM unsure about @XplosionIncorporated’s images though and unsure if those are glitches or exploits without testing them. We are reviewing this thread now though.


Don’t forget to hide in bushes :smile: