Hidden nerf


Hello guys is tehre any nerf for mosnster which wasnt stated in update… i havent played week then i played after last patch and i cant fuckin with with goliath… before i did smahs teams after goliath update but now… dam they fly like hell i am hitting and no dmg …I did also watch skilled aplle stream and he could also kill hunters… and he is really good in play… I dunno if there is only buff for hunters or so but i realized when u eat wildlife u get less shield as it used to be… but i dont believe there is not any hiden nerf for goliath as it not possible for me as i used to have2-5 win streak to win only 50% of games…


For the most part it’s been nothing but hunter nerfs and monster buffs lately


They wouldn’t have put any major nerf’s for Goliath’s damage and not told us. My guess is it could be a bug for him.


I dont see any dmg nerf… but i think after the balances the hunters are stronger not weaker… and also nerfing perks on monsters is pretty much useless so u go now all shield if u want to win as goliath fly swater grounder or claves makes no sence after nerfs… i dunno just u cant out damage hank and rval for example it was 23 minute long game stage three and only what i get against pro team is two strike on support for whole my health… this was way different week ago… i could easily win… dont get it where is the trick hidden :rage:


-All hunters got nerfed
-All monsters got buffed

hurr durr [quote=“Jozef88, post:4, topic:98548”]
after the balances the hunters are stronger not weaker

It is not allowed to tell you where the trick is hidden.I can pm you tho.


You do realize that even if you write git good in PM you can be still flagged, right?


well now i do not have to :^)




But, OP, monsters- and especially Goliath- have been buffed. Goliath’s much stronger now and nothing was done to affect how you’d play him, really.


I havent played Jack in two weeks since I got him to lvl 40… First thing i noticed when i played again was his speed reduced when he shot his pistols… I dont remember it this way before it looks like a ninja nerf… Poor Jack annoyed monsters way too much i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“Terepin, post:6, topic:98548”]
You do realize that even if you write git good in PM you can be still flagged, right?
[/quote]It’s git gud! OMGZ, get it right!

(This is a joke)


That’s not really true. Why does everyone pretend they haven’t been universally buffing hunters for solo matchmaking? Off the top of my mind, in the last 2 patches they nerfed all the damage perks, the feeding perk, gorgons acid spit, krakens basic attacks, & elder krakens traversal.


Hunters which are using lasers are freaking op… they deal 1-2 armor bars(by 1 hit) on Stage 2… stupid guys.


“For the most part”.

Yes- Some perks were dialed back for the monsters

On the flip side however in 2.05 goliaths traversal was buffed. Wraiths super nova was buffed. Markov got a lightning gun nerf. Slim got a healing nerf. Hank gota shield burst nerf. All trappers who use stasis got a nerf to their climb speed reduction. Many of their perks were nerfed as well.

For the most part the game has been intentionally dialing back the hunters and tuning up the monsters. Why does everyone pretend that this is whats going on? Because this is exactly whats been going on- The devs themselves have also openly stated that this is what their goals are. Have there been little nerfs to the monsters here and there? Indeed there have been. But theyre far smaller, and far less frequent overall compared to the buffs theyve been getting, and in comparison to what the hunters have been getting.

Small tid bit: Elder krakens traversal was buffed overall. Not nerfed. People over exaggerated the “In-air acceleration reduced to 6 from 35” aspect without even really understanding what that means- All while ignoring the fact that he got a 10% increase to move speed while flying, and had reductions to both his minimum and maximum decent values (keeping him in the air longer). The reduction in time it takes him to accelerate to max speed (1 second and change) is nothing compared to that speed increase.


Goliath actually got buffed for a quite amount. I didn’t notice any hidden nerfs myself.


Um what are you talking about?


So guys i realized where is the difference and why i am losing… I think the issue is with the regenerating health for hunters which was doubled i am not sure if it was last patch. will check it…


Solo Benefits System here u go hidden nerf for monsters… told u so … i dont believe that they didnt put this much more powerfull in cataclysm update… and i can be swearing how the fuck noob teams are winning agaist me


you migth be a bad player?


haha u make me laugh :smiley: