Hidden Monster and the thrill of the hunt


On Xbox One had a game where we were alerted by birds, but couldn’t find the monster, then we waited around to be sure he was moving around, and birds were alerted almost 10m from our position, but still no monster. Happened several times during the match. Once in the lobby to watch the after game, we were on him top of him the whole time, only to win because he died. I think the map was on the Fusion Plant, which ever one makes you go inside to destroy the power relay. At first we thought it might be the Kraken due to no footprints being found, but it was the Goliath. So he either was invisible due to lag, or managed to get outside the map.

Other than that, it was the only buggy match I had. I’ve met some people with good communication skills, people that keep to the heels of the monster, but have been in some sour situations due no one talking. Fell prey to carnivorous plant once, due to chasing the monster, but was quickly released. Really makes me try to stick to paths, and only travel along cliffs that or fairly open.

Jet pack felt iffy sometimes, I was usually choosing 25% boost to make sure I could keep up with the monster, as playing Goliath, I know just how fast he can really be with jumping, climbing, and using charge at the right moments, but the jet pack seemed to weigh things down, but I suppose elite mobs are key, but I haven’t quite picked up on what gives what. Expect poisonous reavers. Makes nice for when I kept on the monster to just shoot him a bit to make sure he takes consistent damage as Assualt.

A friend of mine managed to disconnect and join in tge lobby without being partied up, we both got turns at the Monster, and it was as fun as it was expected to be if it were a custom match.

Playing as Goliath, I had moments of killing prey and wasn’t able to consume them for almost 5-8sec, which really hurt, as well not getting a sneak attack on some of the larger prey when their backs were turned, and instead getting kicked in the face repeatedly. I also had to go out of my way to find an open spot to evolve, even though most of the spots I chose were fairly open to begin with. Also, timing on triggers for evolving could be better, if I’m holding both down, it should just start, but would make me keep trying. The pops were brief at moments, so I’m not sure if being near destructable fauna played a part in it.

For what I’ve played, I’m definitely keeping my preorder. My heart races when playing the monster, and I really get into it when tracking the monster down. This game is too much fun that I might actually die from excitement.