Hi I'm new to the forums


These forums seem pretty cool and am interested in what kind of people I meet. I’m gold/silver destroyer and I love Torvald <3 I also play ps4.


I’ll friend you :slight_smile: I’m also new but totally cool


Did I reply right?



If you want to fit in you need to “speak” in gif and memes



There used to be a devilhuntsman (or something like that) that was obsessed with torvald too, you remind me of him


I’m not sure how to react to this thread. Welcome…?


Nobody said hi to me ;(


Lol thanks


Hi I’m new to the forums.

I’m SidewaysGTS


Welcome to the forums, we had a guy just like you before, except he hated torvald and kept shouting PEACE!!! Great guy



The reactions have been priceless


Hi! Shunty at your service!

Hope you enjoy your stay! Here’s a hug!


u fookin troll


Welcome to the party


Welcome to the forums! If you need anything, feel free to tag me or any of the… Others. And by others I mean the wonderful moderator and leader team!



Hello. There you go, buddy. :slight_smile:


I’d refer to that as more of a “death tackle”. But, you know snow leopards better than I.