Hi everyone I need help asap please!? Xbox One players!


Hi guys I need help please!?!? I just bought a xbox one and when i try to play evolve multiplayer it never finds other players to play online, it just keeps searching but never finds other players and i have no idea how to fix it, im using the 14 day xbox gold trial and my connection is all fine, anyone able to help me out please? I really wanna play this game online but it wont let me!?!?


Is this happening now?


Xbox 1 is broken, I have a hard time finding matches also sometimes.


Xbox Live was down last night, but it has worked for me all today just fine. In fact, I had just completed a game a few minutes before this thread was posted.


Matchmaking is iffy at the moment. There’s also a nasty bug that resets progress, so a lot of people are likely laying low to avoid it.

There’s a patch most likely coming this week though.


You’re not alone I barely find anyone anymore either that’s why I play offline.


Awesome thanks for the help guys, guess ill have to wait for it to be fixed, kinda sux coz i wanna play multiplayer, is the best way to do it now is just to find friends to play online?


I think it might be fair to say that alot of us are waiting for the patch. After so many reports of progress wipes people seemt to be waiting it out. XBL has been iffy past couple days to my knowledge (been buried in books so im not 100% sure)


If you join and leave parties you ar emore likely to have your progress reset.

Playing bots gains progress and you are less likely to lose it. Ive been mainly playing against bots so my progress doesnt wipe.

Im not tryna scare you but be cautious with parties.


Ok cool thanks Zhoyzu guess ill play solo for now, sux coz i really wanna play online multiplayer, are all of you Xbox one players? Anyone keen to play online tonight Australia time haha. Or has anyone tried playing with friends online? My username is Redikuloz add me!!


the last time i made a party to test a build in a bot match i invited my friend and he lost all progress lol. i feel really bad about it. and yes im on XB1. Bot matches have nothing in the real pvp experience. helps to get familiar with the maps though. last thing you wanna do is lose due to lack of map awareness. the more you know about the map the better you’ll be.

Devs claim patch this week so lets hope for that and we can all resume face rolling each other in the multiplayer.


Servers for Evolve are pretty garbage so that is most likely why


hey uhh check your network status is your nat open or strict because I have a few buddies living on university campus who cannot play there because of nat if you can reset your router unplug for 30 seconds ect if that doesn’t work completely shut down evolve press jewel button then start on evolve and exit that will completely shut down the game if that doesn’t work turn off xbox one unplug everything and then hold down the power button for 30 seconds to completely restart your xbox hopefully one of these will help :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha dammit this is the problem with next gen and games these days!? Games are released incomplete and there is so much hype and then when its time to play we have to wait for a friggin patch update, developers dont care coz they r still getting all the mula but us gamers have to keep raging after we spend our hard earned cash! And that my friends is what grinds my gears… time to play solo for now until the patch comes out :frowning: let me know when its out haha


I’m not playing until the patch either. So yeah, a lot of people are sitting it out, that could have something to do with it.


I know. The problem is unless millions of people stop preordering games and go on a massive strike against preordering we’re going to continue getting this crap handed to us like this unfortunately. The game is good no dougt but I expected way more Monsters and more players to play with. And so far from the alpha and the beta I crashed once in the full game and have noticed significant framerate drops when setting up games to the point where I have to dashboard it exit out of the game and reboot it :expressionless: At least this doesn’t compare to the horrors I had when I got Halo MCC for Christmas now that… Was bad…