HGL presents Far Arm League Season 2


Helix Gamers League will be hosting a $15,000 (purse) Evolve league for PC in July. Since there was confusion and many people thought this was just a single tournament we are changing up the format of the league to adhere to that problem and early assumption. We have also told the console players to keep a look out for console information, with that said im pleased to announce that we will be hosting a $2,500 (purse) Evolve Console Series.

Before I get into league details I want to eliminate a concern that some of the community has expressed. Where did the money come from? The money for the league and future events, officies, capital, etc came from seed investors and banks.More details on future HGL related changes will be shared with the community.


League Qualifiers
There will be four tournaments that enable a max of 16 teams to qualify for the league (Top 4 of each tournament). Team seeding will be corespondent with the participants in game profile level. League qualifying tournaments will be single elimination with best of five matches.

League Format

The 16 qualified teams will be split into 4 pools, teams are placed in pools depending on where they are located and their rank. Teams will play two matches a week for four weeks (8 matches) in a best of five format. After pool play is over the top ranked teams secure a spot to the finals and the very bottom teams drop out. The two remaining teams in the pools will play wild card matches to secure their spot in the finals. The finals will be played in a Double Elimination bracket. With all 8 teams securing a share of the prize pool.

The :moneybag: Breakdown

1st. $7,500
2nd $3,750
3rd - 4th $1,200
5th - 8th $337

Console Series

The Console Series will be on both the XB1 and PS4 ($2,500 purse Each). Each week for eight weeks there will be a tournament for each console wich allows teams to earn qualification points. At the end of the eight weeks the top two teams from each console moves on to the finals. Finals will be played in a single elimination format with matches being best of seven.

The :moneybag: Breakdown

1st $1,700
2nd $800

Community Questions

Q: Who Profits from this?

A: Profeit was never the reason for hosting this. This is purely to give back to the community.

Q: Why now?

A: We had this idea on hold for quite some time do to not having funds, so once we got them we knew we had to excute on it and give back to the community. Im a very optimistic person so if we can create a big enough uproar in the player base maybe just maybe it pokes 2K and they remember that the game is there and keep the servers up longer or we get some sort of news. That might be a longshot but hey a man can dream.

Q: Is it online or LAN?

A: The Qualifiers and Pool Play are all played online while the finals will be played on LAN. The current location is in a venue that is currently being put together in Los Angeles. If this venue is not available the event will be held in the Esports Arena in Sana Ana, California. All traveling expense for qualified teams will be covered by HGL. We will also help those that dont reside in the US to abtain a Visa

Q: Who’s Sponsoring

A: No one yet.

Q: Could you make an Overwatch team?

A: Im not sure why this was asked on Evolve related content but. You give us $40 million and we will put the OWL teams to shame.

Q: minimum amount of teams?

A: PC 16 teams. Console 8 teams.

Q: What version of Evolve will be ran for PC

A: Right now Stage 2 will be the version of Evolve that teams will play on.

Q: When does registration open?

A: June 1st

New rulesets are currently being built for the upcoming competitons. We will be having meetings with compettive players to get their opinion on rules. We want to make the rules something that the majority of players want. Any additional questions about the competitons can be asked below.



Will this be streamed anywhere? I’m not competing but I’d love to watch it.


Its Time fellas


I’m worried about you Winters. I really hope you haven’t taken out a loan yet. I don’t think you realize how expensive this will be.

This might be ok as an online tournament but there is no way it works as a LAN finals. From a player’s point of view, even Americans are going to spend $500-$1500 in travel expenses depending where they live. EU players would have maybe double that in travel expenses? With a prize pool being AT BEST $1500 per player on a 5 player team it would cost more for most players to attend the LAN than they stand to win. If you plan to pay for player’s travel expenses then you add another $100k to the tournament costs. I am going to assume you have some inside connection to get the venue for free, but if not that is another significant cost added.

What really worries me is your expectations. You don’t expect profit which is good because there won’t be any. Revival of the game? Maybe a bit but nothing lasting. A reaction from 2k? My opinions of how utterly done they are with this game aside, I think you need to truly know what kind of reaction you are hoping for and ask yourself if that is reasonable. If the main goal is for 2k to commit something more to the game you should probably contact them before this tournament/league to gauge their level of interests and manage expectations. At the very least you would want to get permission for such an event in case there are legal issues that could harm you. Also I would assume that this is a bit of a gamble on your part to build a competitive gaming platform to expand to other games. Do you think evolve is the best game to build it on? I think you would get very little exposure for this game.

You say your main reason is to give back to the evolve community and that is great. A lot of us are really excited by the idea and saying it would be fun to play competitively for old time’s sake and free money for playing would just add to the excitement! Personally though I would hate to think that you are paying for this out of pocket with very unreasonable expectations in mind. Maybe you are rich and this is pocket change, but if not then taking out a loan for this seems like something that could really hurt you financially.

Recap - contact 2k, reconsider LAN, assure us on financials, players are excited to play.


Surprised you chose Stage 2 in it’s current state over the complete/more balanced Legacy version. Would also be more interesting for console viewers to watch.


Sweet mother of Goliath

I am so going to the finals in SoCal. I need moar info.


I do actually agree with Puggims a lot on this one. If @Winters can afford it and is happy to do so then It would be incredible. Hell, I’de even give up the prize money just to have a Lan event in LA if it meant travel costs as well as the venue could be payed for. Wanna see my @deanimate in person and give him a big wet kiss.


We all know you would do more to @deanimate than a kiss…


You’re right not gonna lie… (Extreme Homo)

After I would bend him over and give him a warm cuddle.


Seems like it’s even more serious than I thought it would be. Anyone can create teams? Can it be done on the official HGL website? What if some players participate in a team but cannot play because of unplanned IRL stuff? If a team makes it to the finals but are not from America, do you think it’ll be profitable for the players to do the travel to LA and get the prize, even with the help of HGL on the travel cost?


It’s looking like I need to create a team lol


You should add a cat to that equation.


Yooooooo now that Im on pc this is going down in the books


I mean… I do like cuddles :slight_smile:


How many required for a full team that is the only question I have.


Winters I’m so stoaked for this. Excited to see your work and who you coralle :slight_smile:

To address the comments,
In the first few shears (autocorrect… But I’m not gonna fix it.) Of evolve, myself and a couple other people received offers from “angel” investors. Including several offers of 15k. During discussions it became apparent that these individuals were going to abandon ship once they received the publicity. In our case, we never made a public announcment until the funds had been acquired (which… Spoiler… They never were).

There were contingent deals in place and offers from corporations within the community (not gonna say names).

I’m happy to see the investment finally occuring from one direction or another. The evolve community is by far one of the best handled, designed, and self-loving communities within the Gaming industry. (Thanks again @TurtleRockStudios )

The best way to ensure the positive publicity around a game, we are all passionate about, is to believe in @Winters. He’s worked hard and continues to work hard for our community.

Even if this tournament flops, if there is enough interest, more will come. Is that a bad thing?

Best of luck Winters. Let me know if I can help.


:wave: Hi Guys LUL


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First of all, I’m SUPER excited for this. Especially if we can get some casters going :slight_smile:

Secondly, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Will the teams be geographically locked? (I.e NA teams, EU teams etc)
  2. For Console, will Keyboard and Mouse be allowed? I know of a few players who are on PC but would prefer to play Legacy and have consoles around.