HGL Far Arm Tournament League


From the Esports org that has brought you a very successful Battleborn league, Helix Gamers League is moving to Evolve to start The Farm Arm League, and bring the Evolve competitive scene back!

The Far Arm League is an 8 week League where teams earn points by getting in the top 4 positions in the weekly tournaments. The top 16 teams at the end of the 8 weeks will be invited to the finals to see which team will be crowned Far Arm Champions. We are hosting tournaments for all Platforms PC, Xbox One, and PS4

Want to sign up and see more Info go to our Tournament page https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league Have a specific question or want to talk to the Owner of HGL join the Discord Channel https://discord.gg/jJMC3MK


Great to see that the competetive side is back for Stage 2. I’ll probably play a bit too. :slight_smile:

@ToiletWraith @TheMountainThatRoars is this a pin worthy thread?


Hmmmm… Could be? I can pin it for now.



I can tell you it is definitely pin worthy. We have worked hard to get these tournaments up and going while still hosting tournaments for Battleborn. We put in 110% a day to make sure we host great community tournaments. I do understand if the community is hesitant about it.


I’m interested, can you give me some background on yourself and your tournament?


Myself I have been in the Esport scene for about a year know. I have admined for many Esport companies. Started my own organization in May, we have been hosting Battleborn tournaments sense, and we thought Evolve would be a good game to pick up with stage 2 coming out. some info about our Evolve tournaments are that they start on the 16th at 3:00 PM EST for all platforms, They are played on Hunt Mode, all round are BO5( best of 5) until finals which will be BO7. you can find more info on our battlefy tournament pages https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league


You know that Stage 2 is not on consoles, correct?


yes I am aware. didn’t want to leave the console players on the sideline while we had tournaments for PC


Ok, was just making sure. You might have trouble gathering competitive players for console. All are either angry, taking a break, or done until stage 2. But good luck rounding them up!

Not to mention TU8 isnt very balanced on Console.