Hey Yo ADRIAN! can we get some ideas of the title patch pls


@MacMan as we get closer to the title update im beggining to become curious on what the changes might look like. not neccesarily specifics but just what you are looking at tuning.
the reason i started this post is i want a centralized community discussion seperate from the telemetry and balance thread.
u da bes, Triddium


…Adrian? :stuck_out_tongue:


Rocky reference :stuck_out_tongue:




plz dont do dat homie it aginst duh roolz


I think this thread has officially went off topic at this point.


I’m curious as to what it adds.


You need to watch more “Classic” movies @MidnightRoses


I am most curious about an ETA. The content I am obviously interested in but I would imagine they are going to do some type of stream to reveal the details.


So can you tell us when exactly the title update will arrive?


Nope :sunglasses:


Aha well at least that’s sort of an answer.


I can’t do reveals. I can only confirm stuff that is already public knowledge.


We understand. I just can’t help but ask. You are the first to acknowledge that you can’t say anything. Last update we had on the timeline was a month and a half ago I think.


Next title update:

Torvald: Increase reload speed on Mortars

Sunny: Jetpackbooster will now boost you 200% faster

Val: Getting married with Abe

Cabot: Railgun is now an automatic-rifle

Markov: While on dropship he drinks vodka

Hyde: Remodeled to bald after an accident with the flamethrower

Lazarus: Can now res with glove 200m away from the body(Might change to 180 still not sure)

Bucket: A little bit of nerfs

Slim: Now sings slim shady songs while in the dropship

Kraken: Can no longer fly for more than 2 seconds. Everytime he gets any kind of CC his fly time is renewed by 15 seconds


Don’t do that


K. fixed.