Hey turtlerock you should fix the bugs where behemoth can't move, or just doesn't move


k so i played a few behemoth games today and just got fed up and left, heres why i played the game destroyed the teams when running away or chasing behemoth stopped in mid air and rolled for about 20 seconds, or i hit any wildlife and stop mid air not able to go forward or backward, this is ridiculous. or apparently at stage 2 in my last game behemoth cant move in water faster then a turtle. other then that i dont have any beef just want this traversal shit fixed and of course that dc bug Riiiiiiip @macman you guys going to be fixing this soon?


I have a lot of movement problems as well. I seem to get stuck on a lot of terrain. Like a stub on his elbow will hit a wall or rock and suddenly I pause to gaze at the enemies shooting my face.