Hey turtle rock studios ! I think you guys should consider making a xbox 360 version of evolve


I’m a big fan and was hoping you guys could make a xbox 360 version.


I dont think it can handle the game so well :confused:


Assume all the AI in the world needs the tech and server environment, among many other things I imagine :stuck_out_tongue:


here is a link on why they are not making Evolve to PS3 and Xbox 360.


Thanks for posting this just for the guys who doesnt know about this already Brannomo you are awesome :3<3


Thank you :smiley:


sadly it wont be posibel the way they designed the is for much more powerfull hardware the last gen isent capabel of runing it it would probaly lag like hell


I think it would actually hurt development of the next gen and PC versions if they did that. With Watch Dogs they always had to consider whether or not a feature could be scaled down to the lowest common denominator which is the 360/PS3. If they did that with Evolve there would probably be some gameplay elements that would have been cut.