Hey TRS :)


Thank you very much for make a quiet good game, im having fun everytime i play with puddin’ , blessings to phil rob, @DamJess and every TRS team member.


Agreed, they are amazing people.


TRS makes the best 4 person co-ops. Couldn’t ask for a better company.



Summoning @MacMan, @ArPharazon, @Shaners, @Chloe, @Matthew, and @MajorLeeHyper because one of the hottest super villains of all time just encompassed my exact feelings I have towards this game, and it’s ever-so-lovely developers.


So we have @HarleyQuinn @10shredder00 please tell me batman is confirmed. Also have a nice day TRS


Batbrain is here!?, he owe me one for kill my puddin’


you forget @RickSanchez and @MortySmith



#Welcome to the forums Harley.

probably one of my top 3 female DC villains.


Your right plus i don’t remember if i forgot that there’s a morty or i’ve never ran into him. The Rick on the other hand yeah macman=cabot possibly and Matthew=crow. :joy:


Um, hi.

Harley Is awesome. I’ve got a Harley figure on my desk and once went to a Batman themed burlesque show dressed up as Harley.

Oh, and thanks for loving the game and being supportive. <3



I think you’re gonna fit in nicely in this in this community nicely :slight_smile: .


Thanks to everyone for your warm welcome.



There’s a limit to how much I can fangirl. D :

Welcome to the forum, Harley! Please don’t rob any trucks delivering Oreos. <3


Welcome to the forums Harley.


Hi, umm, are you evil, you seem nice enough, but you could be evil I guess


what do you think puddin’ ?


Hmmmmm nope I’m done bye


Also you didn’t end that last one with your name :wink: