Hey TRS you wanna know something funny ? playing monster sucks now and you don t care


i guess now they want to lose people than to gain because it sucks to play monster now, they just buff hunters without justification, hunters that are already powerfull aren t balanced or touched, more like they re ignored or buffed even more, and the monster get nerfed rather than corrected and now i have no reason to play monster if i want to win


…That’s… Kinda nasty to say, isn’t it? If they didnt do any patches relating to monsters, yeah, they’d be neglectful of it, but as they’ve been actively trying to figure out the problem, you can’t really say they truly don’t care.


I don’t necessarily disagree with you that Monster is getting harder to play but I’m sure you don’t have to say it like this. TRS does care which is why they’re trying to fix things but they’re not perfect and mess up sometimes.


I don’t think it’s correct to say they want to lose people. This game constantly needs tweaks and if you play on Xbox One the big problem right now is the aim assist exploit. Be patient we have a title update in the near future which will change the game up. Stay positive man and you won’t be disappointed.


what s nasty is griifin harpoon range, torvald mortar damage and/or reload speed, sunny drone no cooldown, slim smoke grenade, that s nasty


There’s nothing constructive in this post or title, I’d suggest that you revise it and try to provide criticisms instead of ranting.

Being upset is perfectly fine, but you should really give your post a second read before submitting.


…ignore what I just said. I was trying to point out logic, clearly I can’t.


I’m sure they are looking at lots of data to determine balance, whereas you, OP, are just making sweeping claims without anything to back them up. Keep up the good work.


sorry for being salty, but having a really bad time is really really irritating when it s in a game you love


Another thing is if you just complain how things are unbalanced I doubt that’s going to help you improve as a player. Yes it is hunter favored at the moment mainly due to the aim assist exploit but good monsters can still win.


what are the chances


But when a hunter team loses and whines the nerf hammer drops pretty hard on the wraith, yes a good monster can still win but it is at the point where it isn’t becoming fun anymore. Just race to stage 2 since stealth is unreliable, get domed, be stuck in a dome at stage 2 with no armour and then deal with caira aoe healing whilst hank is shielding and torvald is defecating on your face with his mortars lol. Whilst the stage 2 dome meta isn’t the issue, the lack of survivability due to auto aim and nerfs to the monster traversals and health is.


I myself have trouble winning with these patches, but I could hold my ground at times but it definitely became hunter favored. I could just imagine the new monster players… they must be taking it harsh.


you have no idea, the worst is at the 40 lvl matches, you are bound to play effectively and such you can t have much fun doing things


you can t have much fun doing things

Shit, guys, police is here, stop having fun.


Are you complaining about pre-made teams, randoms or both? What happened exactly, did you lose against randoms, is that why you’re salty?


i m losing against a team of lvl 40s so the chances for me to either win or have fun playing are very low, sure i managed to have some wins here and there but too much losses because of unfairness


@thegamer118 Relax buddy, there is no need for this. We have all been there, I’ve been guilty of the same myself in the past. You’re not wrong about how frustrating and neglected monsters seem, and how the aspect of fun seems to be ignored for monster players and catered to for hunters.

Just don’t be so hostile.


i m hostile because i am so done


Doubt it. Games have just become extremely complicated. I’ll reference Battlefield because it’s the other game I play and it’s having similar problems.

People now want so much stuff, and games are getting larger so complications will arise. Compared to Left 4 Dead there is a lot more to balance here, no classes and 6-7 weapons (Of course, the auto-shotgun was ridiculously OP, but still) vs multiple classes and characters with many weapons and gadgets.

What they need to do is have something like the Battlefield Community Test Environment, but only have specific groups. Groups of pubstars, trusted streamers, and competitive players. The problem with Battlefield’s CTE is that specific interest groups get involved and try to push nub elements and nerfs. Other than that it can be a great thing for balance.