Hey TRS can we get some Arab hunters?


I’ll be honest, I always feel left out when almost every movie,game, comic, and show has no Arab protagonists.



Cabot is Asian.


Except most of them don’t even come from earth.

We might see them in the upcoming 4 hunters.

Cabot is asian


Well then, one down, one to go!



Also, we’ve got the next set of Hunters coming - who knows whether they aren’t just that?


Rather than ‘Arab’ I’d say something along middle eastern is broader and more likely.

It could simply be because the odds of finding a high-skill hunter that speaks English and is of Middle Eastern descent is just low. Who knows how the world has developed though since this is a futuristic game. Maybe English is now the universal standard.


Well, even if they don’t come from earth there can still be at least one hunter who looks to be of middle eastern descent. Same way that Abe looks and sounds like he’s from America and Markov sounds Russian.


It’s probable each major country is the major planet colonist, Mars is likely dominantly russian, for instance.


That would make sense, seeing that many countries would have their own separate space programs that sent out their own colonies to different parts of planets and even other solar systems. That would also allow accents that we see in the game to remain similar to earth.


I love diversity in games and I think that it’s often underutilized. I think it can work particularly well in helping to define a character since it lends itself to backstory and in the case of Evolve, could add some interesting dialogue while in the ship waiting to jump. I say bring it on!


Well, when it comes to character design it usually isn’t approached that way at all.

The way a lot of character designers approach these things is they start with the fundamental idea of the character itself. It starts off as what type of character and role, some base abilities/gear, and then they pick the gender/race/etc afterwards, when they feel it best accommodates the character they are trying to Portray.
You can plant the idea in their heads like this, which is great, but when it happens will depend on when they come up with a character design they feel it fits the overall theme.

Like most character designers, I don’t imagine they start a character off like “Okay guys, we are making an asian/white male, go!”
Though the fitting role sometimes ends up being what they know most of, and if it’s american developers they will best know Americans and might pick that as what they feel fits best. There might be a slight unintentional bias at best, but overall it’s never anything intentionally bad.

Also one more issue they have is they don’t want to offend people. They might make a character of a specific ethnicity, give him a line that they think is funny or perfectly fine, suddenly everyone wants to burn the studio to the ground because something came off sounding offensive, even though it was 100% not intended to be that way.

So in all, the idea is great, I support it, it might happen and I am sure making them aware that it would be appreciated, there are those above issues and probably one or two more to consider first.


Yeah, I hope future hunters add even more diversity. 3 out of 12 hunters are Space-American.
I understand you are proud americans, but come on, you compensating for something? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good idea, I fully endorse it :smile:


We all enjoyed Star Wars way too much, and got really enthusiastic.


I like how a bunch of them seem to be looking at OGA and thinking " Who invited this jerk? "


I am from Sweden and I have no idea what SOG is? I know SSG ! But never heard of SOG :s


I don’t really like the idea of just saying, "Hmm well we’ve got white (check), black (check), asian (check and check).

Who cares? Make the characters be however they turn out.


Yes but at some point they make a decision to have the character be a certain ethnicity. What this post is about is to say when it comes time to make that decision more variety would enhance the game.


Most games have caucasian protagonists. Do you really think that it just so happened that they were developing characters and white just happened to work better than everything else?


Yes. I do think so. I think it just so happens to be that way. But I’d rather not go further than that because I feel like no matter what I say on this topic it’ll be somehow misconstrued, so I’ll take my leave. I’m sure that there will be a middle-eastern character eventually.