Hey there!


It’s been absolutely too long! How’s everybody? I missed the forums and due to college and work… I’ve haven’t had the liberty to even be on here like I used to. What’s new?

And I see my community literally skyrocketed… :heart_eyes:



I’m not sure how long you’ve been gone so I can’t really recap you on what’s happened but the community has grown, all T4 and T5 is out along with adaptations and the community continues to grow thanks to our great Developers!

Welcome back! Always great to see new and returning faces! :smile:


I have left when… Emet was being teased! Lol

And the ps4 community that I started grew so much! It’s spectacular!


I remember you :smiley:

It’s been, like, a month at least.

So on changes, Kala the support has been revealed and released; We now have a Kraken adaption, Elder Kraken, who uses red lightning! EK isn’t available for public play, but you can fight him solo :smile:

Oh, and Sunny’s been nerfed. TRS are also working on Wraith tweaks regarding her Decoy ability.


Hello Bill_Castaneda, welcome back. :slightly_smiling:

We now have the last 2 t1 adaptations wasteland maggie and tech sergeant hank. Here’s a thread about them.

We have the last t5 character kala. If you haven’t already I’d recommend playing her when you can, she’s so fun to play. Here’s a thread talking about her abilities.

Then there’s Elder Kraken, an adaptation of Kraken that isn’t out yet but there’s a chance to play against him in solo. Kind of like when meteor goliath was first announced. Here’s the thread on him.

Here are the latest patch notes if you’re interested.

I think that’s everything if I remember correctly. I hope this helps. :smile:


Oh, I forgot about those! My bad :confused:



It seems like Jedi, Karuu and Shredder got you updated! Glad to see you back C:


Hi there! Pardon my rudeness… but its been while so my memory is fuzzy. Did you by chance go by another name? And elder kraken…red lightning… WHOA.


Glad to be back sir! :bucket_salute:


Yes, you might remember me as ShakaruMagala or Gobacuga?


If I’m correct… she can teleport? Has anybody developed any tricks using them instead of the casual way?



I haven’t changed my profile pic at all :slightly_smiling:


gobacuga! Oh my, its been too long! I wish I could change my name… :frowning:


You can request a name change with the mods, provided you add a good enough reason :slightly_smiling:


Have we been always able to do that? I remember being stuck with the name you made… :joy:


A really good reason. It’s mainly because of the Devs trying to keep track of everything.


Just PM them with a request :smiley:

The adding a reason is a recent change, but has it’s reasons.


She has 2 teleport pads that she places. The details of it are quite complex but they’re in the thread I linked of her. She’s only been out a few days so I think people are still getting used to her. Not heard any crazy ways of using them yet, just to momentarily escape danger to heal up. Others will know more ways of using her than me, I’ve not played her much. :smile:


I’ve played with her a couple times… I will admit.

I do enjoy leaving a pad across the map… and if I’m being focused and I break sight for like 10 seconds… I drop a pad and stand right on it…

You’d surprised how salty a monster can get when that split second teleport saves your life.

Survive. That’s all. survive. :imp:


I love her teleporters. It is quite disorientating when you first go through them though, especially mid combat.

I can’t wait for Elder Kraken to be fully released. He looks really fun to play.