Hey there fellas

Hey there! I’ve been gone for the past month and so, how’s the game progressing? Anything new? :smiley:

Welcome back friend!! :bucket_cute:
Well, Shaners and LadieAuPair have their own stream and it’s awesome!!

#Shara every Tuesday- The Shane and Tara Awesome Magical Hair Adventure Live Stream and Community Play Time

New hotfix

We had the awesome free weekend and Meteor Goliath!

TRS has a newsletter!




Jack, the new trapper was released, though you probably know that.

We have a new thing called “Adaptations”. They are free variants of monsters and hunters. Same kits, just different designs and to different effects. Currently the only variant out is Meteor Goliath.

MG is better against Offensive Teams than OG. All of his abilities do fire damage and travel faster/farther, but he has lower base damage and longer cooldowns.

Dev’s confirmed new monster is next, and a 2K employee confirmed October for the monster.

We will also be getting the first two hunter adaptations, Blitz Markov and Rogue Val soon.


Oh my! :heart_eyes: all these goodies!:smiley:

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How’s the monsters doing? Are we still a little underpowered? :o

Yep. Everyone got Meteor Goliath free, and the same goes for all future adaptations.

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Behemoth and Wraith are in good places. So is MG. Kraken is still considered OP by many, and many think Goliath is UP.

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My baby! What happened? :confused:

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Idk. I don’t play Goliath. But, the few times I have, I haven’t really noticed a difference.

He has been struggling with the lowered damage values and due to that, his struggles against his worst opponent has become painfully apparent.

His most powerful opponent is… the environment. it is hard for him to focus anyone down at this point that his difficulties at dealing with the environment have become, err, more noticeable as opposed to before people did not notice as much since he did deal SO much damage in such a short period of time that people could not get very far away before going down. Now however he does less damage (as all the monsters do now) so they can roach more effectively so he just falls short.

Taht’s what I’ve noticed at least

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I see his leap smash radius has been nerfed… Is it noticeable?

Very. It is much more difficult to hit with now.

Yeah, I just ran OG and meteor and I feel way comfortable with a charge/FB/Rockthrow build now…

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Balance is more broken than ever, the small population is still an issue and the free weekend didn’t even put a dent in the problem, Arena, unranked Hunt and Defend have all been rolled into a horrible mix-bag game mode called Skirmish where you are almost guaranteed to never get the game mode you felt like playing, there’s a new trapper and he’s broken as hell (SURPRISE!), there’s a new version of Goliath whose somehow even more underpowered than Goli Classic, There’s a ranked mode with horrible match making.

In short, it’s pretty much business as usual.

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