Hey, so what's this thingy?


Hi, so I saw this on a map that I can’t remember the name of, think it was Weather Control? Anyways, I was Krawken (Get it!? Kraken and walkin’? No? Mkay.) along the beach when I saw this fellow. Now, I realize that this thing is a Reaver Den, but what WAS it? It obviously washed up on the beach. Reminds me of an Icthyosaur mixed with a Narwhal. Possibly the last remnant of Leviathan that made it into the final game? Just curious as to if you guys named the fellow, because right now I just call him Barry and Barry isn’t really fitting. Thanks!


Yeah, that would’ve been a Leviathan from what I can tell. (Wanted to put in a Barry/Other Barry joke from Archer but couldn’t come up with one, I need some help!)
Edit: And yes, it’s on the beach of weather control