Hey, so... technically Hyde is the 2nd best Assault Hunter in Evolve and here's why

So Hyde is a really good Assault, like really good, here is why.

In my experience of using him, his kit is so very easy to use. From his Flamethrower to his Stink bombs. Hyde was my first elite hunter since I’ve played Evolve(on PS4-console), and I like him.
When your using Hyde, you see his damage instantly and its a good motivator for anybody.

Pros and Cons

Pros- Hes easy to use, his damage out-put is great, and he also features DPS from his flamethrower.

Cons- His Stink bombs don’t take up a greater enough area which to me isn’t much a big deal but for really mobile monsters, it could counter their mobility by being so big.

Now your probably wondering why I like him so much but yet hes the 2nd best Assault Hunter, again I’ll explain…

IMO, Lennox is the top Assault Hunter, shes very agile, shes great in close and distanced combat, her cannons and her plasma lance both do damage that will leave a mark. Along with her snarky comments if shes fighting or shes fallen “Can anyone here me! I"ll call them, where my phone…” and “I can’t fight monsters if I’m on my back.” She poses a threat and makes the heat of the battle a little more bearable IMO.


I bet ToiletWraith will approve this thread.


The point of the hunters is that they do different things. They are played different ways and have different effects.

Hyde specializes in stacking damage and DoT with flames and 'nades. Area denial and constant chipping damage that’s hard for the monster to avoid. Even focusing him doesn’t do much to his damage.

Lennox is an aggro character, the opposite of Hyde, in a way. If you dont deal with her, it’s gonna hurt. However, if you whack her before her Lance stacks up damage (every 5-6 seconds or so), then her output is severely limited. The Lance attacks are also slower, so it’s not as useful against Wraith, Kraken, and speedy Goliaths. She can be strong, but she’s not particularly difficult to deal with.

There is no objective “best” when it comes to hunters. All of them are designed differently for different playstyles.


Nah. Lennox can’t cope with a lot of other monsters’ things. Hyde can. His damage is overall well rounded on all levels. Harder to dodge him than Lennox.

Only if Hyde is number 1.




Meh, I find Hank harder to deal with.

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Okay, so it’s been awhile since I’ve played, but as of my last time playing, these were the ones that were hardest for me to handle…

:medic: Slim
:support: Sunny
:trapper: Maggie
:assault: Parnell, I think?

Anyways though, if we look at this from a numbers sense, I’m pretty sure Parnell has the highest damage output of any Assault, especially since his highest damage weapon (shotgun) is the only weapon in the game capable of benefiting from Super-Soldier, Damage Amp, and Val weak spots.


I would actually say Hyde is the best assault, Markov is a safe pick but he doesn’t excel as much as Hyde so for me he’s second best. Hyde is far easier to use too, you can hang back slightly if the monster isn’t Kraken and use your farts to mainly do the bulk of your damage.

Especially with how the final meta and monster mobility was. Lennox has issues with a lot of the monsters Goliath has good mobility and some of the high AOE monsters can really zone Lennox out.

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Oh I member the that glass canon build.


The bane of many Behemoth’s existences.


As a Behemoth player, I get that feeling. And if everyone in Overpowered take red, I lose my armor in a matter of seconds. It’s even worse with Fanta (I mean G.Behemoth)

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She probably bribed OP.


Dear god I hate them. If I see good players pick either one of them in pubs, I will tbag. I’m fed up with having to see these OP Hunters. Us decent Monster players are outnumbered by the newer ones in QP. Besides, if you’re good at this game, you don’t need crutches that big.

Hyde has potential to deal a lot of damage. He’s pretty powerful.

SO Slim is actually good? Please tell me how to use him because I die so quick and I hate that because literally everyone is counting on you as the medic.

Like I’m trash at the spore launcher so what ami doing wrong, maybe it is just me.:joy::joy:

If I remember, it was a toss up between Parnell or Renegabe for best assault depending on whether or not you were going for a burst, or a chip build. (On stage 2 anyways…)

If you find yourself dying a lot as Slim, it’s probably one of three things. 1. You need to get better at dodging/fuel management. 2. You are forgetting to heal burst constantly. Or 3. Your team sucks at backing you up.


I do #2 stunningly but playing in pubs your team doesn’t necessarily back you up, and fuel management can be fixed with the jet pack perk. So simple.

There’s never an excuse for tea-bagging, but that’s my opinion.

and if TRS ever got to finish their fucking work slim and sunny wouldn’t be issues


TRS was definitely going after Slim and Sunny with the last few patches. Tis a shame 2K prevented them from finishing their work.

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QS & pop one out on occasion. With proper fuel management you’re fine.

As far as Assaults go, Parnell Bar-none has the highest damage output. Markov is middle of the road while still maintaining good chip damage, RAbe’s best at Chip, Hyde’s best for newbies.

His damage & area denial are what make him a good assault to use. As far as damage, his burst is nowhere near as good as Parnell, but he can be a very good assault in the right hands. I’m assuming Stage 2.

As far as legacy, Parnell still reigns supreme. Hyde’s my safe-pick.