Hey Monster Players, explain your builds!


I thought it might be good to create a thread where people could post how they spend their points as a Monster, and their reasoning behind it. I will start.

Stage 1: 1 point Fire Breath, 2 points Charge.
Stage 2: 1 point Charge, 2 points Leap Smash.
Stage 3: 1 Point Leap Smash, 2 Points Rock Throw.

I tend to only take 1 point in Fire Breath simply because I use it as a Utility Skill. Set stealthed Hunters on Fire to see them, take down clusters of Wildlife early on to get as much evolve meter and armor as possible, etc. 2 Point Charge is great early on because it obviously helps with mobility, and it also packs a huge punch if the Hunters find you.

Stage 2 I max out Charge, and I can’t tell you how many times I have won with just that ability at Stage 2. Hunters usually aren’t expecting it. Leap Smash as an additional gap closer is also great at Stage 2 because fights usually still occur in tighter areas, where I have found Rock Throw to be problematic.

Stage 3 I max Leap Smash, and then put my last 2 in Rock Throw. Stage 3 Fights usually happen near the generator, which is more wide open. Rock Throw is invaluable here, because it can help clear out hunters and their deployed defenses prior to engaging.

Any thoughts, suggestions or additional builds?


Stage 1: Value point Rock Throw, Point in Leap, Point in Charge
Stage 2: Point in Leap, Max Charge, Win Game
Stage 3: lol


Stage 1-3: 1 point in each Charge/Fire Breath/Leap Smash. Completely ignore rock throw.

Strategy: Ignore hunters for first stage, running from all engagements. Getting Stage 2 should be fairly easy if you do a proper “juke” at start (put down footprints one way, sneak and double-back a different path). Once Stage 2, feel free to engage hunters (recommended to get armor). Once your armor is down, maybe even a bar of HP, evaluate the fight. Can you win? If you’re losing, run. Trapper should have already used dome, so it’ll be down at this point. If trapper doesn’t use dome right away, bait it out before continuing the fight (run until Trapper is forced to use it).

If you ran away in Stage 2 fight, start to do some cherry picking. Try to sneak-attack a hunter as they come around, making it very easy to take one down then run and eat more. Rinse and repeat until Stage 3. If hunters are stupid you can bait them away from power node and destroy it, otherwise be prepared for the final fight. Not a particularly hard fight if you do everything else up to this point well (i.e. don’t lose more than 1-2 bars of HP in Stage 2, take no damage Stage 1).

I don’t take Rock Throw because everything ELSE at level 3 is just soooo good for end-game fights around the Node.


Yeah I have gotten to stage 3 one time as the Monster in this Alpha. It is usually over by Stage 2 with Max Charge. That will change as people get better.


stage 1
firebreath 1 point: I find this is a very good farming tool for when there is lots of little creatures grouped up
charge 1 point: mobility is key imo for stage 1 and this just helps you get away faster
leap smash 1 point: same reason as charge. its good for getting away/ mobility

stage 2
fire breath 2 points: I max out fire breath because I like to have as much dps as possible when playing as the monster
rock throw 1 point: just incase I get an engagement at this stage this is a good skill for long range harass or close quaters explosions

stage 3
charge 2 points: I max this out since I feel its easier to hit then leap smash
rock throw 1 point: this is better then leap smash imo since I “believe” it does more dmg then the leap smash


Haven’t got to play a monster yet due to matchmaking being werid but damn these are some really good tips


Stage 1
Two in firebreath
One in Leap Smash

Stage 2
Max out Firebreath,
One in Leap
One in Charge

Stage 3
Max out Leap
Two in Rock Throw

My strategy is to avoid all combat with Hunters in the stage 1 phase. Constantly in stealth, sniffing and checking my back and getting to stage two. At stage two I build up armor and continue to avoid the hunters. If I meet them I will try to get behind their convoy and ambush the person in the back and put in some down penalties; if the fight is good I will finish them off there. If the fight is bad I return farming to stage 3, get my armor up and take them out at the relay.

I’ve seen the hunters on that little end game chart and they are never near me c: free farm m8.


Stage 1: 2 leap 1 fire
stage 2: 1 leap 1 fire 1 rock
Stage 3: max fire and rock

I haven’t really messed with charge yet so my build may change later but so far I’m undefeated doing this. I make sure to sneak a lot and if I catch a hunter to far from the pack I sneak attack him and put him down to penalize his health. It ends up making the stage 3 fight a lot easier.


Stage 1: Charge 1, leap 1, fire 1
Stage 2: Charge 2, leap 2, Rock throw 1, fire 1
Stage 3: depends. Usually rock throw 3, leap 3, charge 2 still and fire 1

People hate on rock throw, but if you are half good with it at stage 3 it will insta-kill someone with 2 strikes almost.
Stage 1 strat is full sneak mode eat till stage 2 using leap, jump and charge to escape if necessary and fire to kill groups of wildlife.

Stage 2 strat depends. If they are a little split and you can put a strike on a couple of them then awesome. Apart from that I feed up and get ready to evolve to stage 3, and intentionally try to lead them to the oposite side of the map. I then go to power gen and evolve next to it, since hunters don’t camp it till you are stage 3. If you were able to juke and lead them away you can consistently take down gen pretty quick. One problem with the strat is that after evolving you have no armor so you need to evaluate if you can take out gen or not, and if the answer is no, then back off, feed and get armor and be ready to fight. The Nice thing about the start is that hunters usually rush back to the gen asap, which will naturally split up the hunters a bit making it a little easier to pick off the ones that get there first.


Here’s what I did:

Stage 1: 2 Rock, 1 Fire
Stage 2: 1 Fire, 2 Leap
Stage 3: 1 Rock, 1 Fire, 1 Leap

Here’s why:

In addition to dealing AOE, you can charge the Rock for accuracy and it appears to do the most damage on any of the skills. Fire is good for moving and attacing at once, and is a life saver against the medic.

As weird as this is going to sound, I found the leap not the most useful for movement or attacking but instead defense.
Since you can jump in the air, people aren’t going to land as many hits on you, as well as the movement it grants you I find it pretty useful.


You are a bit more conservative than I am. I also avoid as much as I can at Stage 1, but Stage 2 I really start engaging and being aggressive. I want to get those downed penalties on the Hunters to make sure the fight at the Power Relay (if it gets to that point) is easier. That came after playing in the last Alpha, after people started to get really good.


I tend to begin with 1 point in Leap Smash and 2 points in Charge, or I siphon one off to Flame Breath for easy wildlife kills. I suggest making a false start or two and then opening up a huge distance between the fake and the real you with Jumps and Charges. I find Leap less useful for traversal due to its explosive effect. Very easy to notice, IMO. It can still be handy, but caution is warranted. Once there is a reasonable distance, Sneak and feed while regularly using Sniff to maintain vision of the area. Also, keep an eye out for Elite Wildlife. If there is a Canyon Strider or Obsidian Grub or Spotter, eat it immediately, as those perks are extremely helpful early-game. Remember if there is a Mammoth Bird, Sloth, or Tyrant on the field, as those perks are extremely useful mid-to-late-game. If the Hunters are closing in, keep obstacles between you and them and create some distance. Look back with Sniffs. If you don’t see them anymore, get a bit more distance. You may have lost them, or they could have cloaked with Support. Once you are comfortable, find a secluded location with some food nearby and Stage Up.

At this point, I tend to put a point or two in Rock Throw and/or Fire Breath. Usually end up looking like 2 Rock / 1 Leap / 2 Charge / 1 Fire. This gives me access to all my attacks, allowing me to cycle through them during fights and make quicker kills on fauna. I like to Stage Up near food so I can make a quick couple kills and get some armor ASAP after breaking the cocoon. From there, I continue moving in Sneak mode and feeding, at least to full armor. I might seek out one of the mid-game perks I mentioned above and go for an engage with the Hunters (or they catch me out as I’m eating). During the fights, I tend to focus Support then Medic, as Support is pretty much entirely Hank and his Shield Projector easily shuts down heavy assault, while Val’s medgun is a decent sustained healing tool but can be overwhelmed. Assault goes down after Support, then I’ll handle Trapper. Mind you, this is if I feel I have a good fight. If I don’t want this fight, I’ll separate and down Trapper first (if in the Arena) and make an escape. After a fight, armor up and reevaluate another fight. If another fight sounds good, rinse and repeat. If you have some pain, but also some distance and want to get stronger, go for Stage 3, using a similar form to before (secluded location, nearby food).

At Stage 3, I usually max out Fire Breath and Charge for their offensive and confusion capability. Armor up, get one of those late-game perks, if possible, then go for the Power Relay or wipe out the Hunters. I usually try to lead with a Rock Throw, then Leap Smash into the group. Spray Fire Breath all around, find my target, Charge, melee until cooldowns are done and repeat as needed. I tend to use Rock Throw against a distant target (most often Val with her medgun) to force them away, deal some damage, and possibly stop use of a beam. Leap Smash I try to reserve for a displacement tool, rather than damage. It’s very good when two hunters are nearby, as one Leap can send them flying apart and inflict some damage. Fire Breath is my sustained attack, while Charge I usually use to try to force someone into a wall or corner where I can pound them into red paste. When someone goes down, I switch targets. I’ll keep an eye on the body’s location, but I tend not to camp it as Goliath, simply because he is best when mobile. If I see someone headed to the body, I’ll chuck a Rock or Leap on them, usually.

So far, this has had very effective results for me. While people complain about Rock Throw, it can be a useful tool. It will clear Mines, Traps, and Birds. It can deal serious knockback and stun to Hunters. It can soften heavy wildlife before going in with another attack. And it can easily stop a revive from a distance. Plus, for the “have to use this piece of crap so I can unlock Kraken,” it actually has a much, much lower damage requirement than the other three ability, while it deals a considerable amount, especially at Rank 3. If you get the Elite Sloth’s 35% damage bonus perk, it can nearly 1-hit a Hunter with 2 Strikes. Easy to follow up with a Leap or Charge or plain melee attack.


Goliath stage 1: charge lv 2 leP smash lv 1. Easy to hit hunters and has utility I hunting and running.
Stage 2: max charge, lv 2 jump smash, lv 1 firebreath. Dmg and knock back from charge great. Dmg from smash useful against hunters. Fire breath makes it hard to see and can deal dmg over time making it great tool while cool downs are finishing or I have to switch to melee.
Stage 3: max firebreath charge and smash. I don’t use rock throw yet because my controls are too jumpy. When I get a hang of them I will test rock smash I think it does the most dmg.


Very good write-up. Thanks.


People that aren’t getting rock throw, remember you can use it to destroy their traps and stuff…real useful for clearing those painful mines :\


I played 1 match as Goliath and this was my build.
Stage 1: 1point each Flame breath, Charge, Leap Samash
Stage 2: (Same as stage 1)
Stage 3: Max out Charge, 2nd point in flame breath, point in Rock throw.

Reasoning. As stated above, take leap and charge for the utility of being faster. 4 jumps in a row and a charge can carry you a looooong ways away from your current position and flame breath is an easy enough skill to use. At stage 2, I powered up my 3 current moves just so I could get some better hits in in a fight. At stage 3, I maxed out Charge because it’s easy enough to use and really powerful, I also took a point for rock smash to try it out and for the versatility.


Stage 1: 1 point Fire Breath, 1 points Charge, 1 points Leap Smash
Stage 2: 1 point Charge, 2 points Leap Smash.
Stage 3: 1 Point charge, 2 Fire Breath.

i use charge and leap to get away if i need to. I just lvl as fast as I can because once you hit 3 the hunters are pretty much done for. lol


I’ve put a lot of thought into playing Monster, helped by the footage I’ve watched and my time in the last Alpha. :smile:

That, and I’m very analytical by nature. I like to study things like this to improve my play. I’m looking forward to other people’s approaches.


Stage 1: 2 to Charge, 1 to Leap
Stage 2: 2 to Fire, 1 to Charge
Stage 3: Max out all 3, Avoid Rock Throw

Don’t really hate on Rock Throw just since the last Alpha I’ve never used it and have had very good results with the above so haven’t felt inclined to mess around. I tend to be very evasive and sneak, almost always going vertical, to often evolve without taking any damage to Stage 2.

Stage 2, since I’m not as vulnerable I’ll keep an eye out for opportunities when the hunters get close to pick off someone a little too far ahead or behind. This happens surprisingly often. I tend to attack that person quick and hard, often knocking them out completely, and then I quickly get out of Dodge to eat up while they get themselves back in shape.

Stage 3, always go straight towards the objective to look for a lame victory (I’ve had one twice without even getting hit once, morons) but otherwise it tends to be the big battle. I’ve not been too concerned with who I take out by class, I tend to be an opportunist with a goal of dropping someone quick. I tend to hold my charge and sometimes fire, move away from the downed hunter a bit, and when someone tries to go in to revive then I come in hard and can usually do a decent job of clustering downed Hunters a bit, taking away a real chance for people to get behind you. About half-way through I also begin looking for Daisy and will go out of my way to kill her.

In general this has worked very well for me, the only 2 I’ve lost were really close and against Hunters who were on my ass from the start so they were no joke. Love threads like this. :smile:


My standard Goliath

Stage 1: A point in rock throw, charge and leap smash. Charge and leap for the mobility/CC if I’m seen/caught, and rock throw as extra CC for when they come around bends.

Stage 2: All 3 in fire breath. It can be used on the run and has amazing reach at max (excellent wildlife clear), and doesn’t make as loud of noise as rock throw. Can easily hit all hunters in a fight.

Stage 3: One point in the rest. This is changeable, depending on if you’re hitting hunters with a certain skill more, but the main reason for one in each is to have the damage be constant, and not have to rely on a single ability.

My standard Kraken

Stage 1: One in vortex, two in aftershock. Most would take banshees, but I feel that they reveal your trail, and since you can’t actively move while charging lightning, it leaves you vulnerable at stage 1(also, both of those are loud). Some people don’t respect aftershock’s damage early… the extra point will fix that.

Stage 2: Two in lightning, one in banshees. The point in banshees will pick up where it slacked at stage one, while the two in lightning will give you the damage to make not moving worth it.

Stage 3: Either max aftershock and lightning, with the last in whichever you’re hitting more with, or max banshees and the last in vortex. Go with the first if they’re being smart about avoiding the vortex and mines, but if not, the second option will punish them, and give you a constant damage flow.