Hey guys hows everybody doing..im sleepy


hey…hows everthing…good well that always good. been doing some customs on evolve most of the night so thats always fun but i think my wraith is not as good as i thought fought a caria hank crow torvald team and lost i only got one strike :frowning: on the trapper so thats got me down…but i won most of my hunter matchs so :smiley:

…so how that weather huh, crazy am i right?
i schoul go to sleep since its almost 6:00 est here but whateveress, im running on 3 hours of sleep so i can handle it. anybody had exams this week yes? no? i cant here you since this is just chat srry.

people ready for e3? heres hoping for a new fallout and gears of war…and maybe mass effect 4.

im sorry to the leaders/mods/regulars/people who belong to a higher order who answer to no one but themselves/devs, i was just bored and had this tabbed open so i thought ill type something. If i wasnt then u may close this. but remember all of u r awesome in ur own way, but remember im tired so dont take me seriously because you should take life too serious because no body gets out alive anyway.

i guess thats all…bye.





Don’t take life too seriously, because no one gets out alive anyways… I like that.



This is the greatest thing since sliced bread.



Ikr its the coolest



You should run for president

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it ok now… im no longer sleepy.



Lol, this.

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Nice to meet you Sleepy. I’m Bruce



Nice to meet you Bruce, I’m Wayne.
Jk. ^.-

I guess I could be Banner as well.

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