Hey Forums - I'm Depressed, and you can help


Do you think I’m awesome?



depends… do you play Evolve?



Yes I do.

EDIT: I occasionally ryhme and wear a sombrero as well.


Then yes. Not only are you awesome but the sheer epicosity present in your badassery matrix is causing temporal fluctuations in the space-time-gaming continuum.


Do you play on PC?




Edit: I also occasionally rhyme and wear a sombrero while playing the pc.

Edit Edit: You have no idea how hard it is to wear a sombrero while playing the pc.



You feel better now?


Not sure yet. But I do accept bribes :wink:


HOW DARE YOU THIS IS FOR @mortalbound. The most I will give you is a 20…,000


I raise you a 200…000000000000. I’ll do it for @mortalbound.


If you play Evolve, and write poems on the forums while doing it; you’re awesome. ^.^


Extremely awesome actually.


Cheer up dude, the image below should help you see things in a more amusing light and regardless, how can you be depressed with friends like us backing you all the way! :smile:

And yes, you’re awesome!


Trial by Combat? :joy:


if your depressed heres what you should do 1 put a smaller hat on the sombrero the wear it 2 get your favorite snack and put in on a plate ready to eat at step four 3 start up a game of evolve as your favorite monster/hunter and equip your favorite skin 4 go through the match narrating what you do in a hillbilly accent while eat yor snack with sombrero with a hat on it ON your head. Voualla! Your awesome and not depressed anymore!!! :smile: . Edited to prevent the consumption of favorable snakes :wink:


I raise you a 200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

I know people


I raise you 10 googol.


I raise you 11