Hey folks, bought evolve today

Welcome to Evolve! Its always nice to see new players. Good luck and have fun!

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Welcome! Feel free to add me, my GT is MountnThatRoars


Welcome to Shear, where the only thing we avoid are mammoth birds, like seriously those things look innocent but they can and will murder you in cold blood.

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I never avoid them, I have a rule where I need to kill every mammoth bird I see.

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That works too I guess…

Welcome! Enjoy your stay! :bucket_salute:

Feel free to add me
GT: SpookyCrow

Also, if you’re having trouble understanding how the forum works, then I suggest you visit this thread:


Welcome to Evolve and also, welcome to the forums. :smile:
My little bit of advice would be try to know where your teammates are at all times, especially when you’re the Trapper. That way you won’t be caught alone when you throw your dome. Also, practice your jet pack management early on.

Happy hunting dude.
My gt is ‘Jedi Warriors08’ if you want to add me. I’m not on much but it’s nice to have a premade team rather than pubs all the time. :smiley:


Thanks people, the patch is around 50% now but i need to get some rest.I’ll add you all in the morning to my list.Late here in germany.Have nice time!:slight_smile:


fresh blood….
Jokes aside I hope you enjoy the game. If your playing as a hunter, communicate with your team and do what your class was designed to do.

If monster, practice against the bots until you get the gist of it. Monster is the hardest to learn so you might need to play a few games. Don’t worry if you get smashed in your first few games :smile:

My GT is TheLittleJay if you want to add me, happy hunting!

Fear the obsidian grub…

Solo for practicing your finger/muscle memory. If you’re into hunter try finding a group of people and always remember when you play hunter please do your role. Lastly don’t be mesmerized by the hips of death

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practice in solo…or with friends on co-op evac…so you can learn how to act and react in the team and so you know a bit how monsters might act themselves…if you got the hang of it you can try pubs…but I tell you…the monsters there are way different from bots…
also always do your job of the class you’ve chosen…
noone likes a medic who tries to act as an assault…

please pay attention to tutorials and constructive teammates it will help a lot. Also watch the advanced ones please.
Oh yes and welcome to evolve. im from US so you probably won’t be seeing me but have fun and good luck

This is all you need to know about the wildlife of shear.


That. ^ Mammoth birds are pure evil. Don’t ever let @TheMountainThatRoars convince you otherwise. :wink:

This game does not hold your hand one bit, and there’s a lot to learn just to get decent.

Check out this thread too if you want to find people to play with.

Good luck with your future hunts on Shear. :smile:


Only thing I can say is if you’re a hunter, you’re probably going to lose… a lot! Especially in pubs, as that’s where Monsters rule with an iron fist. Premades and competitive is an entirely different story.

So, don’t get discouraged. If you can, add people on here who are willing to help/play. It’ll make a WORLD of difference.

Also, yeah… avoid mammoth birds like the plague, or ya’kniw, exterminate them with extreme prejudice. Either or :slight_smile:

Reavers are also dangerous, in large numbers

Feel free to add me if you want:
I’m in the U.S. though so idk how much that will match up with you.
As for advice, I would say try and find a group of experienced players to play customs with. You’ll lose a lot for awhile, but that’s just part of the learning curve. Do your best to try and stay close to the team while you’re learning and remember your role. Playing co-op evac when your not with a group is a good way to get used to the basics without getting wrecked.




Don’t let the dlc put you off. It’s mostly cosmetic. TRS gives you all of the essential updates to play. Free maps and game modes. Any new hunters or monsters aren’t necessary to buy to enjoy the game. It’s not pay to win either.
That being said. Play through all of the hunters until you unlock them all. Figure out what class you enjoy playing as the most and work on getting better there. And just always remember to do your job. If you’re assault, wreak havoc on the monster. I you’re a medic, focus on healing and keeping your team upright. Same goes for any class, just do your job and your team will have success.
Welcome to Shear and welcome to this awesome community.