Hey everybody!


Just wanted to take a moment to say, whatever problems are raining on your parade, I hope you’re having a nice day.

Yes, even you.


Well I didn’t realize I had problems raining down on me but my day is nice thank you ^.^




RAIN Where? I live in California if you have the powers to control the rain please use them to help us we are dying over here without any rain in like forever. We can pay you in movie stars!

Welcome to the forums and I hope you have a great day!


How many Johnny Depps will I get for 2 hours of rain?


Hmmm im sorry but I have to throw in Tim Burton with that order it is a double pack only sorry…


I don’t have nice days, I have boring days. ^.-


I was having a bad day, but you just made it better. :slight_smile: Thank you.

…Maybe I should pin this thread. The devs and all could use some motivation. :stuck_out_tongue:




He was then promptly impaled by a large shard of glass.


Everybody deserves a little bit of sunshine in their daily routine.

Here, have a dog getting its face sprayed by a sprinkler!

Let’s all make the most of this!


Hi also this thread now belongs to cybersquidarmy and prepare to be glassed!


Face my secret weapon


Don’t glass my sunshine! It’s all I have left after the war!




<3 Quirkly. You understand me.

The message still applies. I hope everyone is enjoying their day today.


Agreed. It’s too hot and dry and ugh.



We get rain quite a bit where I live. ^.^


You have a wonderful day too!


Well he said that 2 days ago. I don’t think he wants you to have a wonderful day today. :smile: