Hey, Anyone looking for players to fight against on PC Evolve?


I am currently on pc and find it hard to get an online game going of hunt, I play as Goliath usually and getting better, but want people to play with that will be challenging and best of all “online” lol , the match making ranking system means I have to wait about 40 mins just for one game, this is useless as points are the aim of the game.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to add me my steam name is XYNK84. cheers


Adding so that when I upgrade my PC, I have enough people to play with.


Cool at this stage in the game all are welcome cheers


Changed category to ‘looking for group’ so it’s easier for people to find the thread. Hope you don’t mind. :wink:


USA or EU?


Just play skirmish. If you want to improve, you do it better in 2 games of a crappy game mode (arena/defend) than while waiting for a hunt 2.0 round


Eu, but sometimes does make much difference


Lol cool cheers for that still a rookie


That’s true, goliath though has a hard time in defend and he can be slow in the arena if the hunters can perch themselves high,

I prefer hunt as there is some strategy and a Chase to it. Plus the points system doesn’t get effected by quick play unfortunately


I have no idea of your level, but if it doesnt matter to you we are often looking a monster to play against.

Ill add you (name Isukki), we play from EU.


I’m just at level 23, I don’t mind the levels though as sometimes the best way to learn is at the deep end. Otherwise I don’t get games and don’t progress either way so cheers for the add


Yeah, I just meant it can be hugely frustrating if the skill cap is too large. But like I said, if its ok for you its ok for us. Who knows, maybe you stomp us and give us a lesson in Evolve.


I’m EU, play monster and typically looking for an actual team to play against so if you’re ever looking give me a shout. Have added you on steam.


ISUKKI! We had some good rounds today :smiley:


LOL, so it was you.

Good times.

PS. That was the very first time I would have actually won you in Hunt. I blame 100% Mini cos he idled for a while :slight_smile:


Yea that’s cool, frustrating but I really don’t mind that much, not great myself but there’s only one way to get better and that playing actual people :smile:


It absolutely can be frustrating but remember that a lot of players have hundreds of hours in the game and some of us with almost no life now measure time spent playing in the thousands.


how do you get goliath to move as fast? keyboard and mouse?


Yes, keyboard and mouse. But why fast? Movement speed is always the same unless you pick a perk/buff. Aiming is PC way better than on console since you dont have a real barrier that will stop your movement


I use controller, seems less responsive than what I watched, I use movement speed, is there a better perk?