Heroes of Might and Magic Beta


Hey, any of you guys looking forward to the beta coming on the 25th? I have always been a sucker for the series, since it was my first real intro to computer gaming as a kid… I cant wait :stuck_out_tongue:


I loved the older HoMM 2-4, but lately the series lost that magic for me.


Yeah, 3 was definitely the sweet spot in my opinion… I didnt play six, but for some reason I felt like putting out my money for this one. I am excited, but honestly not expecting too much.


I loved 3 :slight_smile: My fav as well :smiley:


Part of the reason I got this one is because it comes with a digital copy of three :stuck_out_tongue: I am not ashamed to admit it either. Even if seven bombs, I will have three again


3 was so amazing!!! First computer game I got into, besides Warcraft and Starcraft. I think they just did an HD version of 3. There’s a new one coming out? I played 5, 6 looked kind of dumbed down. What’s the new one called? :open_mouth:


Yeah, the seventh comes out in September I believe. It looks like it could be pretty good. It reminds me a bit of five, but it looks like they have a couple cool things thrown in


That’s cool. :smile: I loved 3 and 5 for the amount of different factions there were, I never got 6 because it looked like they cut back a lot. Which is a shame because the graphics look better each game


I just recently got Heroes of Might and Magic 5 gold addition and Dark - Messiah Might and Magic for a bargain price. How good are they? I’ve heard a lot of people say they like these two games.


Heroes of Might and Magic 3 for lyfe!

Sir Mullich was OP though.


five is alright, my biggest complaint was the lack of scenarios and maps, I never even played the campaign… I would rather do my own thing :stuck_out_tongue: but there were only so many options so I burned through them all pretty quick


Hmm… I’ll go check out if I can find 3 somewhere :wink: