Here's Why You Should Play Wraith NOW (GG Devs)



Phantom Wraith easter eggs…next time I get a picture I’ll update

If you use Decoy, it’s black skinned (close to a purple really) and when it’s duration ends a death screech of a sound comes from it.

How has no one found this out yet?

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Got a few quick snaps of this elusive Wraith.

(Someone with recording capabilities would need to try and capture the scream when it dies though.)


WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK no way @10shredder00 @Shunty @XMetrusX


Get her to S3 and let me see it. :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much! My pictures were shit and the 30 Pictures I took didn’t save!


oh…so that’s what it was…I thought it was supposed to be the OG skin, but it seemed darker than the OG skin. noiceeeee


I flipped the fuck out on @GoGoGoliath


This is amazing, but I hope there’s a bit more of an appearance difference to wraith than just deep purple, perhaps she’s semi transparent?


But both Meaty and Kelder have a lot of visual distinction from their original counteparts, apart from just a color change. Maybe that’s more or less the color they’ll use, but that can’t be Phantom by itself.


If the difference between OG Wraith and its variant is only color. I’d be disappointed.


No way

It’s just like the Cataclysm and Deepest Dark variants

Azmi saw only Fire and Shredder found Webs

I don’t think Phantom Wraith will just be purple :wink:


If someone finds a behemoth adaption Easter Egg like this you have my deepest gratitude


Got a video!

Sorry for the potato quality, but pay attention to the sound the decoy makes upon death.


Agreed. I highly doubt that this is what the actual Wraith variant will look like. Colour scheme maybe, but I think this is just a tease in general.


How the hell is 720P potato Quality?!


Ok I’m probably over reacting but oml I’m so hype for some reason. Still crying because I can’t play it but its ok. ;_;


This looks like just yet another way of telling the Decoy apart from the original. Now, even if you have the regular skin, you can visually differentiate them.


Unless you can’t see it as a Hunter?



The Hunters can’t see it? The color, I mean.