Here's why Evolve is so fun for me


It’s personal. I can’t think of many other games that made me feel like this. When I lose a match in Halo, I’m just like “Eh whatever I lost, on to the next one”. When I lose a match in Evolve, I feel pathetic because I was outsmarted, outplayed, and outmaneuvered. The inverse is true for winning. Conquering my opponents - either as a hunter or monster - leaves me with a huge sense of accomplishment and achievement. How does this game make you feel in comparison to other video games you play?


I think a lot of good asymmetrical games are like this. They rely more on outplaying your opponent then who has better twitch/reflexes etc :slight_smile:


I haven’t felt like this about a game since Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2… (i skipped a week of school to play them) :slight_smile:


Good point! I also get the same feeling of tactical dominance from winning any RTS game


This games gets my adrenaline running just like Netrunner LCG did. It was also asymmetrical. One player is the hacker, and the other is a giant global corporation. It’s a LOT of fun and really relies on reading your opponent and calling bluffs/leading them into traps.


Im gonna copy and paste something I wrote on gamefaqs a few weeks ago.

" I find that I am really missing the experience I had with this game. It was such a unique experience to me. I had not played a game like this before. During the game other players would say that they were scared playing the game. I had a feeling of comfort familiarity because it brought up a lot of emotions that I would get when I used to play paintball.

The feeling of fear of being spotted, the feeling of power when your strategy pays off, the intensiveness of knowing that at any moment a mistake may take you out of the game, the cooperation needed for a team to be successful, the feeling of being lost and not know when engagement will start. Even before the game discussing and coming up with new plans or different ways to attack the match from how the other side played the match before. Knowing each teammates strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to be both successful and have fun.

Those are all things I love and it was strange to me to have them all come back in the form of a game


I’ve never even heard of that! I’ll have to give it a shot


There is a difference between games that rely on things like twitch shooting, basic understanding of the map/where your opponent is going, and how the guns work compared to asymmetrical games like Evolve. Evolve actually relies on you to count multiple factors at all times, how each player is going to react to the situation you present them based on their class, and a multitude of other things. Evolve actually makes me tired after a few hours of playing it, simply because I put so much mental effort into it. Even though I can get into strides now and then against noob players it’s still tiring.


I wouldn’t say I’ve felt a comparable experience with other games like Evolve.

I’d say, the game is a very unique experience for me because I LOVE boss battles in all videogames.

And when I found out that I could actually BE the boss in this game and stage up, then that just instantly hooked me with it.

It’s like when you fight a boss normally in a game, they normally have some pattern like “I’m going to shoot this beam at you, oh you dodged it! Better try it again to make sure you don’t do it again!”

But with Evolve, as long as a player controlled person is playing as the Monster, you don’t know what to expect!

And in the case of being the Monster, you get to decide what attacks you do as a boss. Keeping your opponent guessing.

It’s brilliant! I wish other games would actually do this, or at least take a page from Evolve’s book out of it!


That’s a superb explanation! I felt the same way- and I pre-ordered the game as soon as I realized how it toyed with g my emotions in such a pleasing and surprising way. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because it’s an LCG an been around for a while there are a lot of cards in the card pool. That being said, OCTGN is a free to use service that allows people to play the cards if you download the images etc… I don’t endorse using it if you don’t own the game, but it is a lot of fun even if OCTGN is clunky and learning both the game and OCTGN is a trial. I got my brother into it a while back as well.


I’ve also noticed my distinct psychological inability to go afk from this game (as compared to most others I play).


It was very weird to have the same emotions coming from virtual environment in my home. Not out in the dirt and paint. Also, with less pain and less money.


I play Destiny, and one time during a boss fight with a giant Ogre named ‘Phogoth’, one of my pals said, “Dude have you ever thought how cool it would be to play as Phogoth?”. I was like, “Bro. You need to get Evolve.”


Theres no way anyone should pass judgement about this game until they experience this phenomenon first


I’m a super competitive player when it comes to winning/losing. When I used to play Smite when my team lost I raged so hard.

In Evolve, I feel pretty alright when we lose. It’s like: “Damn, the monster outplayed us big time!” or “Those hunters must’ve done something I gotta look out for next time”. I don’t think I will ever get upset from a loss at this game as will most likely be on YOU most of the time.

Except when my trapper misses a dome, and medic isn’t healing me… They will feel my rage…


hmph… never lost a match (as monster) so i havent felt this way before, well at least as a monster


Have you ever killed a monster?


of course i have lol probably won 65% and lost the other 35%


Good feeling, huh?