Here's my positive view of Evolve and why I think it'll last


I’ve added about 30 people to my friends list (I play with half of them probably)

I don’t play this game all the time, but who plays only one game all the time? I love getting on with a few friends from across the world and playing cat and mouse, even if it’s only 4 hours every other night.

People loosing their mind on the forums is like watching mongooses react to a anaconda exhibit across the path at the zoo

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much playing a game that didn’t involve a glitch.

It’s only going to take a sale or 2 to get me to buy my friends a copy and I can’t immagine I’m the only person who’s been telling their friends this game is the shit, so I have faith it will sell.

Wraith is a joke if you have a trapper and support working together using invisibility


Hi, nothing is impossibel, the wraith have skills to conter the invisibility, its not the same like fire breath or the aftershock. I heard often evolve is shit, but i like it and play it.


Hunters use invisibility to find the wraith and trap it before it can use decoy or dash


I just realized how many people I added to my friends list purely thanks to these forums…

Yes, with a good, fully coordinated team, Wraith just melts. Problem is only a few of us have those. But anyway, let’s not make this a balance discussion.

…Me? I play like nothing but Evolve, lol. Can’'t play often, but I play nothing else for now.


Evolve is “The Shit”. meaning its awesome!!!


That’s kind of my point, I’m a 6-10 hour a day gamer (it’s really unhealthy and I don’t recommend it) and I play a little bit of everything, you have a life and evolve is your game, that’s what’s up


yeah, its right, maybe a good tactic is a the solution. I think its were very boring when the win so easy is.

i play as well other games, by evolve the problem to find a team for me as hunter and monster is not easy to play xD