Here you can post how many coop games did you do this event



Hi i was curious how dedicated people in this community are for such challenges.

I did only 30coop games so far.I m not really interested in going over 100 this weekend so I can just hope others play at least 10games each :^)

Btw do not forget that lossing counts

Some mindless music for your mindless games:


}}}- 1 -{{{/


0, was not able to find players


Do not lie,I bet you actually control the monster every AI game.

Interuusteng where ar ya from?


Central Europe.

Had no problem finding players in Hunt though



Skipped map 40 times.never got it again


C europe too,takes about 1second to find match at any hour to me


Possible bug?


Actually i found but was always a normal map


Right now at three, but am going to do more. I need that Palnell :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yep most likely.

Will post needed information here when it happens again


you know that every coop game counts, not only deepest dark. right?


How do I downvote forum posts? kek


Ah,didnt really.Still i was not interested in normal coop


I’ve done a whopping TWO games :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: thank you thank you :wave::wave::v:


already 20 games of coop today


Good job,be our hero and do 90k more


No thanks… speed bug already making me puking trying to play coop… I just leave it to the rest…



I would love to play some co-op. but the matchmaking takes like forver


I’m in the UK too and it takes ages to find a co-op match. It used to be fast but since this challenge it’s been so damn slow for some reason.

If anyone else here wants to do co-op for a bit then I’ll happily add you and we can play online together to speed up the wait.