Here the real important question... When will we start getting info on 5th monster


Title pretty sum this up

Because I’d love to even know the name of it, so I can begin to day dream about it :smiley:


Bump for info


LOL no, first lets fix tier 4. We can talk about tier 5 in the summer.


As with all DLC, you want to strike while the iron is still hot. Wait too long and nobody is around to buy the DLC. Summer release is a good bet, but I am sure we will get info much sooner than that. I’d say in May we should start seeing some info, maybe even sooner.


Like i said

A name would spawn countless threads of ideas and get peoples more pump

Or better idea, a few sentence summing up the monster power, Like for behemoth

“He as big as can be, who’s like rock and lava”

And then we can vote on the name again :smiley:


I just hope its cold themed and more snow maps


It’s been dropped that the 5th tier monster has been in the works since before release. They’re very tight lipped about it’s existence. No other details are known…


I’m sure in the pre game release build up in the press there were shots of a giant centerpiede type monster.

I guess if that’s going to be the next one it would be quite fast but unable to jump. Or fly. Maybe it could borrow under the surface to avoid detection or for stealth attacks or grab a Hunter and flick/throw the Hunter way across the map to isolate him/her or remove them from the battle area.

Also a monster that can mind control or influence the wildlife to fight for it or maybe as a power it could spray a chemical at a Hunter that acts as a psychedelic drug making the Hunter think the other hunters are monsters causing cross fire and miss direction would be cool.


During the end of the spring I believe…


I’d guess you’d hear some news pop up around the summer expo’s, with either a late-summer or early-fall release. I think with the release of T4 we’ll see some other content hit Evolve before a new tier of characters.


It would be smartest to do it in may-june


in about 4 months. or 2 months if it comes out with the next content patch.


When will see info on the 6th monster? This question is more important!


So it could be the host monster!


I would imagine it would be later in the year. Maybe closer to summer or after. YOu have to remeber that they are also doing the 5th hunters as well and we know they are close to being done at least 2 of them


I thought someone said it was a Shapeshifter type monster, was that just a bad rumour that spread like crazy?


Please no new content untill all the annoying bugs are finaly fixed…

1.sounds bug is still occasionally there
2.hunter abilities bug after patch
3.still sometimes drops trough world
4.different matchmaking bugs diconnects/protocol errors/lobby full error/games starting as nest,defend even you are playing hunt and more.
5.glitching trough domes

the list is longer but those where from the top of my head and all of these have been here from alpha so please fix the game before adding even more broken content.


Only bugs I deal with on xbox1 are disconnects during the matchmaking screen. Bring on the new info!


Unfortunately from what I heard that idea was scraped. Something about to many moving parts and the burrowing being to complex.


The Velvet Worm was scrapped. That is what you’re referring to.

@Forestlight If it’s been worked on since before release, I’m guessing it was probably just in the conceptualizing faze. Concept art, pitches about monster design, stuff like that.