Here is a truly horrifying idea (warning: explicit and disturbing, use caution)


Evolve Stage 3: Battle Royal


All but not Battle Royale!


I had an idea for Evolve: Mobile, but I think you beat me here, buddy.


Dropping players from the sky into a large open map where they scavenge items/buffs, and fight until only one team or player remains.

I mean, Evolve kind of already did it before it was cool. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it should only be monster based game.

envisions a match with 10 gloiaths duking it out and tearing each other’s throats out


Evolve: Monster Royale

Drop in with 4 Abilities from 8 of your choice, food is rare but spread out. Eat to Evolve, Restore and increase your Health as well as being able to increase Ability Stats up to 4 times

You beat me to it…as I was writing it…feelsbad


type faster loser



I think we’ll have to shut this thread down to be completely honest. I just got horribly triggered, and I blame you! /s


I live to serve.


Actually, come to think of it, I think you are actually right! Ever since the day one Evolve had its own version of battle royal: fighting monster and your retarded teammates…


TBH , i would even tolerate it if it means Evolve will be revived.