Here is a list of Whys?

Here is a list of Whys and things that I don’t understand about why or why not they are in the game.

  1. After a game is over if Monster doesn’t have a mic he can’t type communicate with the Hunters. Why?
  2. After a game there is no way for a Monster or a Hunter to know who they just played against. Why?
  3. After a game I have no idea who did how much damage or did how much healing. Why?

Just the way chat works with teams. Observer can’t even see other’s chat if Open Chat is on in a custom.

Playing Skirmish is exactly this, Hunt just refreshes the Hunter team to make sure you don’t constantly get your ass handed to you by the same Monster.

You can see how much damage you did with each weapon in your kit and how much healing you do with Val’s medgun, Caira’s nades, and Slim’s bug.

That’s not a good thing though. Definitely needs a change.

I think he means seeing other people, like, his team.

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Yes it does.

Yeah I misread that bit. However I see this as a much larger problem than it would ever be a good thing.

Yeah I wouldn’t like that addition personally.

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Mainly because people would blame medic for not healing when the rest of the team actually was just terrible at positioning and they couldn’t, then they’d blame Assault for not doing damage when Trapper was just making shit domes, blame Trapper for shit domes and it’s because his team always lags behind and needed to dome whenever they were close, ect.

Just leads to a lot of senseless blaming.


Plus high numbers =/= good. For example if Assault only has, say, 3k damage, in a long game, maybe it’s because the monster evaded until one last fight and then got REKT? Same with healing, CC, etc.

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As a monster I’d like to know who was kicking my ass. I’ve had some Crow players remark they did over 10k in a fight before.

I always want to see my teams numbers when I play assault to see if I did my job well. But for now I have to guesstimate based on fighting the monster in the arena.

And yes, why is alltalk not a thing? It makes playing the monster so isolating.