Here are some tips for you new guys out there:


Lots of people will be flooding the forums today and tomorrow. So here are some tips from veteran players that will REALLY help you out. If you are a vet, please share some advice with me.

–PC: Q to ping. This function is the most useful thing out there when it comes to hunter teams. If you can ping the monster, it turns red. This allows other players to follow up and create a cut-off situation.

–Use placement abilities like mines or traps as much as possible while you roam around or search for the monster. This can deal damage to your enemy(s) while they are searching for you. An assault on my team won the game for us by placing a mine on the field and forgetting about it, trying to run away from the monster as the rest of the team was downed.

Hunters: Split up. If you get the Medic and Assault to follow tracks, and the Support and Trapper to move towards the tracks coming from another direction, you will be able to flush the monster out and trap it easily. Think of it as a forking maneuver that spreads out evenly then converges inward.

–Use your Mic. Please. It helps SO MUCH MORE than having a silent hunter or pings only. Coordination is key to this game, and mics make this a lot easier.

–When playing Trapper, don’t get dome happy. If the monster engages on his own terms, keep the dome in mind and fight it out. When he begins to show signs of retreating, and the hunters are in OK shape, throw down the dome to punish the monster for the engagement. This allows more time to dish out damage than just throwing in the dome a soon as you see him.

–Don’t damage the monster while he is running away. Any damage done from 60 meters or less away will boost the monster’s stamina, allowing for more leaps and dashes. Use tranquilizers, slows, tracking darts, or other passive abilities until the trapper can dome it or the monster engages the hunters.

–It’s the TEAM’S job to track the monster. Do NOT put this job on one person, and just because there’s a trapper, it DOESN’T mean they can’t use some help finding tracks and locating the monster’s location.

Monsters: sneak and hide in brush or in corners of rocks. Stage 1 and 2 are fairly small monsters. You can easily throw off a hunting team by crouching in a heavily-brushed tree and waiting for them to pass by. I’ve done this and have had this done to my team many times with great effect when we didn’t have Cabot or Maggie.

– Don’t hug the map’s edge. If you are playing “Ring around the Shear map” you are going to get caught faster than you would running in unique directions. Moving around the ENTIRE map without making some sort of circle can easily stall the hunters and allow some meats.


Some direct quotes from more Vets



Also reserved for more tips. If other vets post at least 1 tip each, we will need this.


Use your strengths.
If you have Daisy, pay attention to her!
If you have mines, spam them!
Use all of your weapons/abilities to your advantage.


PRO TIP: Use your map! Trappers and Monsters especially!


If you see the monster, don’t immediately open fire! Get closer, drop the dome, THEN fire!

Your first post (Forum time with Max)

Watch the advanced tutorial videos too!


This is important! Do not be impulsive with the dome! You want to make sure you know where the creature’s headed, then try to cut it off. Other note: Goliath loooves enclosed spaces, and Kraken thrives in the open. Wraith is a bit of a mixed bag as she can definitely handle herself in the tunnels.


Always travel with a buddy; Many a great Planet Tamer have met their end at the maw of a plant!

Not the… best thing to have etched on your tombstone :wink:


Pro Tip- Don’t Die! JK
The real Pro Tip- If you are Assault, don’t play too much defense, go out with your team and lead the squad.


Also, if you find the monster, let your team know! Use markers to point out the monster location.



If you don’t have any tracks of the monster and don’t know where to go, follow daisy…

If you have tracks of the monster and have been following them for quite a while, think 10 steps ahead of where the monster should be and cut him off instead of just following the tracks the whole time.


When the monster is trapped in the dome, try putting Arc Mines down in a high place, usually a rock or small mountain and stay up there and shoot the monster, he will most likely come to you and try to knock you down.

If you’re using the Toxic Grenades instead of the Arc Mines, throw them at a player that has low health, incapacitated, or a player that is trying to revive them.


Don’t use the Orbital Barrage unless the monster is trapped by 3 or more Harpoons or if one of the players is incapacitated and somebody is trying to revive them. Or you can use it to kill an Elite Wildlife for their Perk.


Not a veteran on Medic, hardly played with it, but what i do know from other people is to use the medic on somebody that has really low health and not favor one person or if the monster is bashing them in really hard. Use the Tranquilizer Gun more often when following the monster because it will show them on the map and also slow them down very well to catch up to them, especially if you’re playing against Kraken or Wraith, you need to keep them on the ground. And the Sniper Rifle should be used a couple of times in order to get that 2x bonus damage on them.

Hope this helps.

Update 1: Just remembered this… if you are by yourself because your teammates have died and the monster is at low health… DON’T GO AFTER HIM. Try to stealth your way out as far away from him as possible until your teammates are re-spawned.


Hunters know your role. And get to know your kit. Try doing THAT early on. Success comes from knowing yourself AND your enemy.


Sorry this will start a little off topic, but you sound as though you only played tier one characters (minus Hyde)

(Note: I have no experience against Wraith)

Trapper: (if you are not Maggie) #Griffin Players# don’t spam sound spikes in a basic general area, learn their range and place them in strategic locations like choke points and feeding areas. If your fighting Kraken harpoon gun holds him to the ground. If you are against Goliath and a separate member is getting focused use that harpoon gun to give the team mate some breathing room.

I’d rather not get into assault, as I didn’t much care for it.

Support: (I only played as Hank) I couldn’t do enough damage with orbital barrage to unlock and play as Bucket. Anyways, when playing as Hank, in a direct battle he does a respectable amount of damage with his last cutter but that does not mean to go at the monster like you’re playing COD. When fighting the monster and you’re not being targeted (I can not stress enough) CLUTCH YOUR SHIELD GUN and try staying on mid to high ground the bulk of the encounter. (Special note) if you are playing with a Laz medic and the monster body camps call in a barrage around your downed team mate. Laz has 45 seconds to get that revive with his device, and I think his personal cloak lasts 30 seconds… could be off on that number.
I think I beat that horse to death.

Medic: (As Val) you aught to run around the map with your tranq gun, as to point out, and slow, the monster to your team. It doesn’t do damage and lasts a decent amount of time. When your team engages the monster, before or during, find high ground before you are focused on. (Remember, you are a medic and as such) while engaging focus more on your med gun and not so much armor piercing sniper, but DO NOT forget you have that as it is very useful. Try to keep your med gun on someone being focused, and try your best to manage your jetpack so that way you’re not in a bind when you are being focused on. #PROTIP# if you shoot the monster in the head with the armor piercing sniper the whole team will do 4X DAMAGE if they hit the head with a weapon that benefits from weak points

(As Laz) you do not have a tranq gun like Val, as such, learn to use your pings adequately. Being Laz as your team’s medic, the only form of HEALING you have is your class ability (which recharges at a faster rate than other medics with the trade off that it does a smidge less heal) ((I read on a separate thread his overall burst heal is better than the other two current healers)) it is hard to “get the family together for a photo” so heal when you can. I’ve heard a lot involving Laz saying players have either a love or hate relationship with him because of his limited healing capability. Mind you, Lazarus player, you are NOT your average everyday medic. As Ðorde Živkovic (aka Lazarus) your main sticking point against the monster player is your Lazarus device, that brings up your team without any strike which is a HUGE problem for the monster. Use your personal cloak as an active ability before going to revive your team mate. Your basic mindset as Lazarus needs to be conservative, find a high ground and lay down the law on a monster with your semi auto silenced sniper, you shoot quicker than a sneeze with that thing. If you see a mate of yours getting owned and a chance to run over there and burst heal him try it, but try not to make yourself a target by staying in there too long. Once you’ve done that find a perch close by to continue laying into the monster by putting weak points on him (Laz’s spots are less damage than Val but MUCH more forgiving because you can get MANY more tags on a monster at a time).

Edit: I hope this helps anyone… If anyone disagrees or has anything to add feel free to do so.


You’re right, i did mostly play Tier 1 Hunters because Maggie so far is my favorite trapper and i’m good at finding the monster, so i guess those tips were mostly for Tier 1 since this post is for amateur players.


And against the Wraith, just like the Kraken, you have to keep it tranquilized and to the ground.


If you have Laz on your team, NEVER, unless given permission or it will make the difference between a win or loss, revive a teammate. You can even let your teammate die, just let Laz be the one to rez if possible or else you are hurting your team