Help with PS4


I am downloading four Battlefield 4 (even though I don’t have the game) add ons that are all free. The first finished downloading, and now says waiting to install. It has said that for around a two hours. Should I just delete and reinstall it?


not on ps4 but generally speaking on the xbox one when downloading you need to download the game then when it says ready to install press on the picture of the game (the one that gives you a download bar) and install the game which then gives another progress bar for install time/percentage


DLC and updates won’t install unless they have the base game data on the HDD to install to. I just tried with some Black Flag DLC and it was the same story.

Until you get BF4, the add-ons will just sit there taking up space. If that’s fine with you then cool, otherwise, now that you “own” them, you can freely delete them and they’ll be waiting to be downloaded again in your Download List when you get the game


You need to have the base game installed to allow any other content for that specific game to work.


Ohhhhhhhh. Ok thanks for the replies guys.


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