Help with New Strategy: NoDome


Hey guys! I came her a while back for help with an almost unbeatable hunter combo/strat, where Sunny constantly boosts Griffin into the monster’s back so he can consta-harpoon him. The general answer I found to escape this strategy was:

Don’t get found.

With soundspikes it’s not the easiest thing to avoid detection, add that to Carrion Birds and it’s plain near impossible to beat that strategy. But I just went up against one far worse and far more difficult to counter.

The composition goes as follows:

  • Val
  • Sunny
  • Crow
  • Any Assault

After being found, Val Tranqs me and Crow slows me, then sunny boosts him and val forward and Crow uses his health stealing rifle. They never throw up the dome, but Sunny keeps the two of them right behind me and boosts them if I try to attack. I died at stage 1 with full armor because I was slowed for the entirety of the match, with Crow destroying my health.

What do I do?


Turn and fight like a stereotypically socially-constructed, and therefore not necessarily in tune with the complexities of modern gender roles, man.


Wait for Sunny nerfs of course ^.^
Lol nah, what monster? Its important




I still feel like griffins harpoons would be better

As for assualt I would probably say pick torvald, and just aim those mortars in front to try and cut off certain routes


This is actually a rough one but you should’ve burst down sunny. The team feels way too dependent on her boosting.

If using kraken vortex sunny so she breaks line of sight and can’t boost teammates. Behemoth lava bomb forces her off her platform Goliath rock throw and wraith abduct to force sunny to lose position.

Ideally this gives you enough room to run.


You focus on one of those Mofo’s back to the dropship and make them wish they never went so far out. Honestly if sunny is boosting two of them you have enough time to down them before the other two catch up. Just pick an unlucky hunter to bully. Like they say" if they’re gonna jump you, pick one, and stay on that one".
From there you decide. Should I run and Evolve, or take the chance n down another?


I faced a similar team, but they made a stupid move in allowing the medic and trapper to split from the support and assault. I led them to a Desert Nomad and ambushed them there. The assault and Support didn’t even save them - they died where I downed them.


no reason to use crow over griffin especially with vals tranqs


Just gonna copy pasta

Try to get the most out of your leaps, always be jumping off of pillars and cliffs, given their slows can’t effect traversals.
Break LOS as much as possible since even a few seconds could mean the difference between miraculously being not slowed anymore, allowing you a window of escape.
Also, Charge and Leap Smash will not be slowed, use them as much as possible (Charge on straightaways to break LOS, Leap Smash off cliffs to gain more distance)


If you’re running, you aren’t ready for combat. Which means that turning to fight will get you killed.


If im running im usually looking to allow myself to get caught on my terms.


It takes 6 or 7 charged shots of Crow’s rifles just to clear 1 health bar, so that’s an incredibly long time for Crow to be firing charged rifle AND charged stasis gun shots, Sunny to never run out jetpack juice, and to never break LOS long enough to traversal away while being fired on. Tranqs don’t stop traversals or movement abilities, if you’re getting beat up anyway just eat it and haul ass on foot until you have all your traversal stamina back, then use that + any movement abilities (Charge, Warp Blast) to head for cover and make a sharp direction change - just make sure you’re not doing predictable laps around the edges of the map or they’ll be doing shorter laps on the inside of the map cutting you off and lining up tranqs. If they’re not even stopping to dome you then you might need to be aggressive and disruptive of their little plan - they’re pretty squishy with Val’s weak single-target healing, so don’t be afraid to lead them to ALL the big angry wildlife and quickly put the hurtin on Sunny or Val next to a tyrant, nomad, or a pack of blitzleopards.


For starters, it sounds like you have to evolve faster/ more efficiently. Start off the game walking in one direction, then sneaking another, preferably towards where the nearest “3 meats” hang out. While this doesn’t always throw off the hunters, it can at the very least send them wondering around until birds appear. Next up try eating in caves as you will get trapjaws instead of carrion birds. If you are forced to eat outside caves, the next best thing is eating 3 meats such as mammoth birds or cephaladons. They gives you fast food while reducing your risk at spawning birds.( plus finding an Albino of either early game is quite nice. ability cooldown and feeding speed respectively.) After about 2 minutes you should be able to evolve, and since hunters drop in about a minute in, its unlikely they will find you. once stage 2 armor up, grab a good perk if you dont have one already, then go pick a spot where YOU want to get domed.
Once they find and trap you just go for Val, keep enough pressure on her and she will go down easy. Just power through the stasis, as Vals tranq becomes irrelevant when its applied. Just keep an eye out for the shield drone, if you see the Sunny place one quickly destroy it before it juices up. Without the medic the rest of the team will fall apart. recommended to go after Sunny, Crow, then Assault.