Help with my cats claws


Sometimes when my cat starts scratching something he gets his hand stuck and it starts to hurt ;_;

How do I cut my cats nails/claws without him moving?


I don’t think there’s a good way to do that if your cat is not accustomed to it. You’ll end up with a lot of angry scratch marks. Might be worth paying a professional groomer.


buy a dog, problem solved



Get a good scratching pole. Works wonders + saves you the occasional trip to the groomer.


Trimming a cat’s claws is usually a two person job. If your cat is not accustomed to you touching it’s paws and trimming it’s claws, it will fight you. They should be trimmed every two to four weeks depending on a number of variables.

My cat is very good about stuff, normally, but I cannot cut her claws by myself. So, if I can’t get help, I pay the vet 11 bucks to do it. Takes them five minutes.

Edit: Let me just add that even indoor cats with quality sisal scratching posts will likely need their claws trimmed. I speak from personal experience, a lot of reading and speaking with other cat owners/breeders. Also, please do not declaw your cats.

Oh, and if you’re trying to cut them yourself and they struggle, just try to do a nail or two and then give them a break. If you try to force them, it will only escalate things.


You say “come here kitty! im only going to TRIM your claws!”


Dogs need their nails trimmed too.

refrains from childish name calling, but it’s a struggle


I don’t really know, I don’t think I’ve ever trimmed my cat’s claws. I think you could just get him a nice scratching post (or some cardboard, in my cat’s case), and he’ll be good.

Just, whatever you do, don’t declaw your cat. It’s harsh, man.


Just take them to the vet and they’ll do it. It’s not that much and you don’t need to do it very often.


I’ve never heard of people I know with cats cutting their claws. Do they not have access outside? If not get some scratching posts.


Well, first of all you’re gonna need some cat claw cutters. (duh, why am I saying this)

What I generally do with Sagan is sit him between my legs on the bed and have him kind of doing a human sit, with his legs sprawled. I put a bag of cat treats next to us so he knows that he’s going to get rewarded. Cats are fidgety, but over time hopefully your cat will get used to it as you clip his or her claws :stuck_out_tongue: Just remember not to cut near the pinkish area of the claws, because, ofcourse, there is a bloodflow there, and it’s gonna hurt if you clip it or close to it.

I generally clip Sagan’s front paw claws first, as they’re easier to reach, give him a treat, repeat steps with back paw claws, another treat.

Do note- it’s not declawing, it’s just trimming. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea it’s best with two people. Either my wife or I will hold one of our cats in place and pet them to keep it calm while the other trims the claws. Don’t go too low, there is visible vein at the base of the claw you don’t want to clip. If your cat is freaked out by you touching it’s claws then try to get it used to it by touching them often during petting/playing without trying to trim them. Both of mine hated it at first but I was able to get them used to me pushing thier claws out with my fingers. I think the one actually likes it now, it’s like a paw massage for him now.


Totally agree. Good advice. I’ve done the paw massaging with my cat as well as her mouth and ears. She has no problems with me inspecting and grooming her, but as soon as she sees those clippers, that’s it.

Wrapping them up in a blanket while you do it and keeping treats close at hand is good too.


The Purrito Method. :+1:


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Just knock it out with a hammer.

KAPPA (or get a dog)


Hey I work for a vet, I would def recommend a nice cat tree for your feline friend to scratch. Also, look up the towel method for cutting a cats claws if he’s really uncooperative. Basically, you just wrap him up like a burrito in a towel and hold him firmly while you cut his claws. In my experience, if that doesn’t work, try to catch him when he’s sleeping, you can sneak in a few snips before he realizes what’s going on. It takes a while cuz you have to wait for him to fall asleep again but it works well for fearful cats


Walking your dog properly every day also grinds those nails down so no cutting needed. I haven’t cut my dogs claws ever…

But that isn’t what this thread is about. OP take your cat to the groomer or vet or get a good friend who will hold the cat still.