Help with medic mastery


Hi guys I need your help. I am trying to do the challenge “revive 15 team mates” to complete a medic mastery. for some reason when I do several revives they dont count towards my total.

Any help would be appreciated,


which one? val? laz? caira?


Are you reviving with your gun or grenade launcher?


I have the same problem and it’s with caira I tried reviving them normally by just holding down on the button and with the grenades and it doesn’t count towards the mastery


If you’re referring to Val you have to heal them while they are down until they are revived without you or your teammates going over to manually revive them.

If you’re referring to Lazarus then just rush over with your cloak on to get the Laz Device revive.

If you’re referring to Caira then same thing as Val except you have to lob Healing Grenades at the body till they are on their feet.


I have tried that already I revived my teammates four times and it didn’t count towards the progress it’s to upgrade the healing granade from 1 star to 2 and it only says revive 15 teammates and I’ve done everything and nothing seems to count towards the progress