Help with Goliath strategies


Well until the new hunters/patch came out I liked mixing up all three monsters, but I’ve gotten absolutely DESTROYED as a Goliath. I’ve changed my tactics, but I know I’m not alone on this (judging by some of the other topics). I don’t want to whine; I want to win.

Thus far, I’ve been running 2 Fire Breath, 1 Charge, Dmg Reduction. I sneak for just long enough to try to hide my direction then I move as fast as I can trying to eat on the run. I generally DO get domed on stage one. I rely much less on constantly sneaking now, because it seems that Goliath gets discovered regardless. Carrion birds especially contribute to this.

I will hide like crazy when domed, attacking the trapper when I can. If not I feel no shame in hiding. What I really need is advice on escaping Crow and Dealing with Slim’s Spore Gun and Sunny’s Shield Drone.

Any help would be appreciated.


I also pick 2 fire breath and 1 Charge, stage 1. I do pick the Damage perk instead because I believe that the best defense is a good offence. Also, I rarely ever sneak unless I want to fool the hunters to go into a different direction, but the sneaking is a thing I only do for a very short amount of time. Sneaking does not work if you know that Crow is aware of your general direction and is nearby.

The way I usually deal with the shield drone is to force the fight into an area that is split in at least two half, so when Sunny puts up the shield drone I can just move to the opposite side, where the drone has no line of sight.


(Stage 1) 2 Fire breath, 1 charge.
(Stage 2) 3 Rock throw, 2 fire breath, 1 charge.
(Stage 3) 3 Rock throw, 3 fire breath, 3 charge.

That’s what I run in all of my Goliath games.


To be honest most of the time I throw subtlety to the wind and zip around like a maniac feeding. I’ll sneak to throw the Hunters off my tail or ambush them, but rarely otherwise.

Crow? He relies HEAVILY on Line of sight. Stasis gun is worthless without it, and Gobi has supreme tunnel vision. Get some distance, then head to the side, then put some walls between you and Crow. He can’t slow you and Gobi won’t pick you up. Not hard once you learn the terrain and get used to it.

Smack him. When he’s getting ragdolled, he can’t fire. so he can’t heal. You don’t even have to focus Slim- just smack him every once in a while and he’ll sit down and shut up. Use knockback to put distance between him and the team- this way, his heals are ineffective.

With this, two things: One, break line of sight with the drone. Simple. Two, target swap- if I focus Slim and get him to half health, then he gets a shield, I’ll punch Torvald once or twice and watch as the drone picks him. Swap back to Slim and get some fast, brutal burst damage in.


Also, from Stage 1-3, I go:

Fire Breath 1, Leap Smash 2. Farming, versatility, mobility.

Rock Throw 3. I want to fight now. Excellent burst damage.

Fire Breath 2, Leap Smash 1. I do not like Charge.


Ok. My strategy isn’t for the casual or the less experienced Goliath player, but when put with the experienced, it is perfect. You have been warned.

At stage 1, you put 2 points in Leap Smash and 1 point in Fire Breath. As you run away, just get your armor full and if you have enough time, eat more to fill your Evolve meter more. Then you attack them. Don’t run anymore. You stalk them and watch their movements. You see how they are positioned. Once you see an opportunity to strike, Leap Smash right on top of them and damage them. Don’t rely on your abilities as your only factor of retaliation. Also make sure if you think you’re going to miss with your ability, don’t use it. Just leap (traversal leap) and melee then use it when the opportunity is great. Melee is good for keeping the pressure on while waiting on your ability to recharge, just don’t stay on the same hunter for too long because you then become an easy target. Once you’ve done enough damage that makes you happy or if the situation calls for it, go after the next hunter (or as I call them victims). Then you start attacking them. Use your abilities with your melee in a way that they compliment each other. Make sure if there are things like Sunny’s shield drone or other hunter equipment that’s giving you the disadvantage, use an ability on it. It’ll get rid of it faster and give you more time to attack your actual targets than an annoyance. Once the dome goes down (assuming you didn’t take too much health damage or have a small amount of armor left with all the movements you made while fighting resulting in being a hard target), if you don’t have a full Evolve meter, just only eat enough to get it full because if you worry about your armor then it’ll buy the hunters more time to catch up to you. Just get that meter full, get distance, and evolve. If you’ve got a full evolve meter after the fight, just get distance between you and the hunters to evolve safely. While evolving, point up either the 2 abilities you got (fire and leap) or add one point to rock throw or charge depending on the environment. After evolving, get full armor and finish them off. Stage 3 is only a last resort in case your going against a strong (or in my case a tourny) team. If you are able to pull off this strategy correctly, you won’t have to worry about Crow or the hunters, because with this, they are the hunted. If you are getting armor and the Crow trapper spots you with Gobi, just run and eat until you have full armor. Then once you are armored up, attack without mercy. Good luck my fellow beast, may your horns strike fear into your enemies.


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Well this is pretty good advice it sounds…

So as I gather, stealth isn’t necessarily the goal? I used to play Wraith all of the time so it’s kind of a backwards concept to me, but it seems like you Goliath mains here prefer to just stay moving. Sneak long enough to get distance and then just run?

Also, I didn’t know of this until this forum, but can the hunters hear you smell?


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Yes they can. Just smell in extended bursts. Like count between your uses. “SMELL 1, 2, 3 SMELL 1, 2, 3”


Smell has a cooldown of about two and a half seconds anyway.


I take 3 points into firebreath level 1! Great farming and great in fights because of its short cd I can constantly use it at full power.


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