Help with Goliath mastery please

Ok so I am close to getting Goliath elite skin but am having trouble with the Thor rock throw star (rock throw 60 mid air hunters). If anyone has tips/advice they are very much welcome to share. Thanks in advance.

Let me get on my game and show you some spots where you can grind it against bots.

Custom Game
New Calico
Hunter strikes to zero
Monster favoured
Dropship timer to 0:15 seconds
Rush to the final generator, climb on top of the building that will be right below the dropship zone and simply hit them as they drop down. Didn’t take me long.

Custom Hunt, Distillary, Infinite Strikes, Map Effect Mutated Plants, no timer or as long as possible. Avoid the Hunters as much as possible until you get to Stage 3, use the plants to replenish any lost health. Climb on top of the Generator and lay into them. I found that the two perks you wanna use on the Monster are either Ability Cooldown or Damage Reduction. Make sure the Support is Bucket and the Medic Laz. Don’t use Crow as the Trapper. Markov is the easiest Assualt to keep track of without having to deal with Hyde’s Poison Grenades. You can use this method to Elite practically any of the Monster’s attributes, with only a few exceptions regarding Wraith’s Warp Blast and Kraken’s Vortex being easier to grind in other spots. If you use this method to Elite an ability that requires hitting multiple Hunters make sure Maggie is the Trapper since Daisy counts towards those progressions.

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Solo, custom, Rendering Plant, Rescue, infinite strikes. Ability cooldown perk, all points in rock throw.

Two of the pick up parts are elevated I believe. The survivors will slowly jetpack up. I got like ten one game.


Yup, this is the method I used. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Took me about an hour to finish him off.

You could also just climb to the top of a cliff or a high building, watch the idiotic AI follow you by slooooooooooowly ascending the cliff face, and periodically smack them down with rocks.

What did is:

Go on hunt.
Use your 3 points on rock throw.
Wait for hunters to drop.
Toss a rock at them while they fall.
Let them kill you.

I found it easier to hold the rock and wait for them to jump then ill let the rock go.

Yep, you can rock throw all four right at the start. Instead of waiting for them to kill you, just restart the game. The hits still count.

Did this for Sunny’s a lot.